Top 10 Longest Range Electric Cars

The distance an EV can travel has been a hot topic since they first came on the scene.But what's the latest on the electric vehicle range? Learn more about the range of electric cars and see what models are built to go the distance.

What are some of the longest-range electric cars to date? And just how easy is it to keep your EV charged? Let's take a look at a few long-range EVs and the benefits of going electric.

Top 10 longest range electric cars right now

The longest range electric vehicles are, not surprisingly, more expensive than most of your average-range EVs. Having a battery with the capacity to go over 400 miles in one drive would require a high-performing vehicle in all respects, giving them a higher price tag. That said, many EVs can be practical and affordable. In fact, here are the top ten longest range EVs in the UK this year, all with a WLTP range of at least three hundred miles.

1. Mercedes EQS hatchback

Sleek and streamlined, the Mercedes EQS hatchback has a range capacity of up to 453 miles. That's enough to get you coasting across the UK! It's known for its luxurious interior and wistful handling. Like the rest of the Mercedes family, it will have you swooning at its advanced technology and cutting-edge features. Later this year, we will have the EQS SUV join the lineup. This will carry an impressive range for such a large vehicle.

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2. Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is arguably the electric car role model of 2022 and stands among the UK's favourite electric car families. With a striking range of up to 405 miles, you'll have no trouble getting where you need to be, with bags of performance in reserve, in true Tesla style.

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3. Mercedes EQE Saloon

The Mercedes E Class goes electric. With a WLTP range of up to 394 miles, Mercedes ensures it's high on your shortlist when needing maximum range from your EV. The sleek saloon comes packing the latest equipment, and Mercedes's renowned Hyper Screens will make it one of the classiest interiors. Making this prestige EV one of the most desirable electric saloons under the EQS.

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Number 4 on the list is the BMW iX SUV – a brilliant executive EV with an impressive range of up to 380 miles. Such an extended range from a vehicle this size demonstrates BMW's advancement with EVs. It is priced on the more expensive side, but with its avant-garde features and dynamic drive, who can argue with that? Later this year, we will see the BMW I7 added to the EV lineup. With a reported WLTP range of up to 388 miles and a rapid charging capability of 195kW, it is sure to be a strong contender.

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5. Ford Mustang Mach E RWD Extended Range

Ford's first foray into the EV world gave us the Mach E. A modern SUV style Mustang with proper driving credentials. And if you stick with the single motor rear-wheel-drive version and opt for the massive 98kWh battery pack, it can eek out up to 379miles from a single charge on the WLTP cycle. Don't feel put out by having the single motor version, though, it still can put out 294ps and see off 60 in only seven seconds. Not bad for a family-sized SUV.

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6. Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Unsurprisingly another Tesla is in the top ten. The mighty mile crushing Model 3 offers up to 374 miles on the combined cycle. The interior is minimalist to the extreme and comes with some fantastic tech as standard. It's also no slouch either; this Long Range AWD version can smash through to 63mph in only 4.2 seconds. Not to mention Tesla's supercharging network, a nationwide rapid charging network for Tesla owners.

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7. BMW i4 eDrive 40 Gran Coupe

The second BMW in our top ten is the i4. The I4 is for people who want an EV that looks like a BMW 4 Series and drives like a BMW. This model can dish out up to 365 miles on the combined WLTP cycle from its substantial 83.9kWh battery. Dynamic handling and BMW quality provide a smooth and powerful drive with a soundtrack provided by the movie composer Hans Zimmer! A competent all-rounder that is sure to impress.

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8. Tesla Model Y Long Range

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that Telsa makes good EVs. This time we have the latest to land on our UK shores, the Model Y. The compact people carrier, with masses of space for people and things in a more diminutive form than the larger Model X. This long-range version has all-wheel drive, outputs a colossal 434bhp and can offer up to 331 miles on the combined WLTP cycle. Oh, and have we mentioned the supercharger network? We think we have.

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9. Polestar Model 2 Long Range Single Motor

Polestar updated their lineup this year with a front-wheel-drive version of their Model 2. With a generous 78kWh battery, this Scandi saloon offers up to 336 miles from a single charge on the WLTP combined cycle. The Model 2 also comes with 155kW rapid charging, so it shouldn't leave you hanging around for those bigger fill-ups too long. The Polestar 2 was the first car to supply Google's Android as its in-car media system provides easy usability. And those all-important Google map updates to help you navigate.

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10. Porsche Taycan - Performance Battery Plus Pack

This Stuggart special is proving extremely popular with First Vehicle Leasing's business customers. Coming standard on the Turbo and range topping Turbo S models and optional on the 4S, the performance battery adds a welcome addition in range to the extremely popular Porsche Taycan. From its whopping 93kWh battery pack comes a WLTP claimed range of up to 318 miles. Considering that the 'standard' Turbo comes with 680ps and the Turbo S a mind-bending 760ps, it will also get there in a hurry. Just as you would expect then, from a Porsche.

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Will you get range anxiety?

Getting from A to B in an electric car has caused what is known by some as "range anxiety". For as long as we can remember, internal combustion (I.C.E) cars have always seemed easier to travel in. If you need fuel, you just fill up at the nearest petrol station. But an electric vehicle? Well, that was a different story.

• What happens if I run out of range?
• How do I charge an electric vehicle?
• How often will I need to charge my EV?

These are just a few of the many questions people ask, and for good reason! When electric cars began to gain popularity, their range was somewhat questionable, and there wasn't clarity on how to charge an EV or even where to charge it when needed.

But with advancing technology, the EV scene has changed, and the range of electric vehicles has dramatically improved. Look at our top ten above; every car provides a WLTP range of over three hundred miles. The lower range models can now hit over 200 miles before needing to be charged. With the rise of apps like ZAP MAP and the longer ranges that EVs can go, range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past.

After the myth that electric cars still cannot travel long distances, how easy is it to charge a long-range electric vehicle? Here are a few pointers that will help you understand how accessible charging and EV can be.

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Should I be concerned about my EV charging speed?

Something often overlooked with EVs is their charging speed, also known as 'rate of charge' and measured in kW. Some people actually talk about charging speed in Miles Per Hour. How many miles can you add to your range in an hour?

Many journeys can be covered quicker in a vehicle with a shorter range but with a better rapid charge capability. This is because you will spend less time charging to carry on your journey.

Some of the latest EV models come with an 800 Volt architecture instead of the typical 400 Volt. These can take a maximum charging speed of up to 350kW, significantly reducing the time at a charger that can do those speeds. For example, the Kia EV6, fitted with this technology, can go from a 10% state of charge to 80% in only 18 minutes. But even without this tech, most manufacturers are making great advances in this area, meaning it's becoming less and less of a problem. The top ten above all have charging speeds of over 300mph. And manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, Audi and Porsche have 800 Volt tech already fitted to some of their models.

ZAP MAP has a handy filter that will let you find the fastest chargers to help you plan your journey better and with minimum fuss.

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How easy is it to charge an EV?

With the UK's plans to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the push for electric cars has never been stronger. However, a few questions remain, and how to charge your electric car is one of the questions people are first to ask.

Charging your electric car is much easier than you may think. The government has made charging electric cars simple by providing four straightforward charging methods:

1. At home - Using a wall charger from someone like Project EV.
2. At work - Again our charging partner Project EV can help here.
3. Public locations - You can find here on ZAP MAP
4. Service stations

For more information regarding these charging methods, see our Electric Guide.

Great range EVs for an affordable price

Electric cars have come a long way in terms of technological advances and have had to fight for their place in the industry. Now they have proven they can take on over 400 miles on one full charge, it leaves no question about their place in the market. However, most long-range EVs are typically more expensive to buy in comparison to fossil fuel-run cars. That's why we at FVL have worked hard to shop the market and find the most affordable electric lease deals on EVs with excellent range capacity.

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Still have range anxiety?

We understand that the electric car industry can seem daunting, especially if you are new to EV leasing. But no need to worry. With our team of electric car specialists, you'll be able to answer any questions you have and get your head around any technical jargon.

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