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Leasing a Tesla Model Y is an economical way to drive a brand-new car without having to pay the full purchase price. Below you can compare our cheapest Tesla Model Y lease deals starting at £449.99. Use our search tool to choose your options.

Tesla MODEL Y Review

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Leasing a Tesla Model Y

With over 24 years experience under our belt and BVRLA approved, we partner with many different organisations to help match you to an affordable Tesla Model Y lease deal that meets your needs.

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Choosing your Tesla Model Y lease deal

Tesla make a great range of stylish and innovative cars and the Tesla Model Y is no exception. With flexible mileage options to suit your needs, our cheap Model Y lease deals start from under £435, so deals are available even on the tightest of budgets.

Established in 1998, at FVL our team of leasing experts are here to find an affordable lease that’s right for you.

  • Tesla Model Y Review

    Here we review first hand the Model Y.  In summary, our findings show the Tesla Model Y can make perfect sense. A low initial outlay and fixed monthly rentals make for easy budgeting. Couple this with much cheaper fuel bills and you are on to a winning formula!

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Tesla Model Y At a glance

The Tesla Model Y is a stylish and comfortable car to drive. The interior has a minimalist appearance, but it's packed with technology including a high-resolution 15-inch display that sits in the middle of the dashboard. There are vegan-friendly materials and narrow slots replace the air vents.

Tesla Model Y review sections

Tesla Model Y Battery & Charging

The battery range for the Long Range model is 314 miles, while the Performance offers just under 300 miles. The battery charge time using a 7.4kW wall box is 12 hours, but a rapid 250kW charger will deliver 80% of the battery's capacity in 19 minutes.

The car's power comes from two electric motors and Tesla makes the Model Y with all-wheel drive to help deliver the power that is available.

Tesla Model Y Standard Equipment

Standard equipment includes heated and power-adjustable front seats, smartphone docks, power-folding door mirrors, a glass roof and a medical grade air filter. Since this is a hatchback, it's easier to load and unload while the ride itself delivers a smooth and comfortable experience.


  • How to order your Tesla Model Y

    Ordering a Tesla Model Y is a straightforward process. A new Tesla includes delivery to your door, the full Tesla warranty, and road tax for the length of the lease, so you don't have to worry about it.

    You can also have your new Tesla Model Y covered under a maintained lease agreement. This includes servicing, maintenance (wipers or brakes), and your tyres (even puncture repairs). All you have to do is insure it and put electrons in! Nice.

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      Road tax included

      Your new Tesla comes fully taxed for the contract’s length, not just the first year like a PCP might.

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      Maintenance available

      Servicing, maintenance and tyres can be included with your new Tesla for a simple additional monthly fee.

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      When it comes to Tesla, our friendly, experienced team members are always happy to answer your questions.


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Opt for the Model Y Long Range version and drivers get 345 bhp of power to help the car sprint to 62 mph in less than five seconds. Its top speed is 135 mph. However, the most impressive performance is found behind the wheel of the Model Y

Performance which delivers 455 bhp to deliver a sprint time of 3.5 seconds - and then it is onto a 150-mph top speed.


The interior is modelled on the Model 3 with raised seats, so it is an easier car to get in and out of. There's also a large panoramic roof to create an airy and spacious feel. There are no dials or switches, everything from the wipers to the climate control and media system is controlled using the screen and the offering is easy-to-use. There are controls on the steering wheel and everything feels comfortable and intuitive.

Pros of a Tesla Model Y

  1. A new Tesla Model Y on finance lets you avoid depreciation risk.
  2. You can enjoy reduced fuel bills.
  3. You won't have to worry about MOT until the vehicle is three years old.
  4. You'll enjoy the benefits of Tesla's manufacturer's warranty too.


Cons of a Tesla Model Y

  1. You may need to install a home charger. We can help you with an EV home charger installation from £899 inc VAT. See our offer.

More Information about the Tesla Model Y

The rear bench also folds down electrically, and the storage space found under the bonnet, the 'frunk', is also a useful addition. In total, there's 2,100 litres of space, that's more than every rival, which makes this an easy car to live with. The Tesla Model Y is also a safe car though it hasn't been crash tested by Euro NCAP.

It's useful too that drivers get to enjoy Tesla's semi-autonomous driving aid that uses lots of cameras and sensors to help protect the car from hitting other road users and will also, on a well-marked road, take over some driving tasks.


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  • Is the Tesla Model Y a good car?

    The Tesla Model Y is a great electric car with a lot to enjoy. It's very quick from a standing start, has lots of equipment and is very comfortable over long distances.

  • What engine does the Tesla Model Y have?

    The Tesla Model Y has two electric motors delivering excellent acceleration and low running costs. Drivers can recharge the Model Y at home or access Tesla's 'Supercharging network' to recharge their car in just 19 minutes.

  • Should I buy or lease a Tesla Model Y?

    With the amount of money that new cars can lose, leasing the Tesla Model Y makes sense. If you are not fussed about owning the vehicle at the end, it can be the cheapest way to get into a brand-new car.

  • Is the Tesla Model Y a safe car?

    The Tesla Model Y has not been tested by Euro NCAP yet, but the car's semi-autonomous driving feature means there are lots of cameras and sensors to protect the car and the occupants from a collision while moving.

  • How long are Tesla Model Y leases?

    You can lease a Tesla Model Y for 24 months to 48 months through First Vehicle Leasing.