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Among the attractions for owning a Volvo is that the firm has a well-earned reputation for innovation in producing safe and reliable cars that are capable of racking up large mileages without too much bother. Volvo cars also make for a great choice for those wanting a premium vehicle that has strong environmental credentials, thanks to the efficient petrol and diesel engines.

Volvo cars have an excellent reputation

VOLVO S60 DIESEL SALOON D2 [120] SE Nav 4dr [Leather]

Few carmakers can match their innovation

Volvo has excellent brand awareness as most people appreciate the cars have a strong reputation for safety and innovation. In addition, the firm has also made great strides in making their cars more efficient in recent years and have added lots of technology.

Among the well-built line-up is the V40, is an impressive family hatchback with high comfort levels in a stylish setting. There’s lots of safety features on board and it’s a great choice for long distance journeys.

Alongside this is the sporty and stylish S60 saloon which is well-priced and offers a hard-to-beat driving experience. Again it is a comfortable car to be in and it handles as well as anything else in its segment.

These cars will impress

The excellent XC60 is a stylish estate car capable of being driven over rough surfaces, so it’s great for the countryside. The car offers impressive economy and lots of agility and there’s plenty of space for passengers and luggage.

All that is also true of the larger XC70 which is based on the excellent V70 and has a higher suspension, four wheel drive and a rugged body kit to help protect it. Not only is this car great for long journeys, it’s also an impressive off-road performer too.

The well-equipped V60 and S60 are stylish alternatives to the German cars that dominate the segment – and they offer a lot. Great style, lots of comfort and equipment make them excellent choices.

The V70 is an estate car that has a lot of room on board and is comfortable on motorways and around town; the car has a lot to offer and is well-built.

Safety and technology rate highly

There’s also the excellent executive saloon, the S80 which offers a lot of car for the money. Despite the size the frugal engines perform well and the car is relaxing with a distinctive styling.

The new XC90 is an SUV that can seat seven people in comfort with lots of safety equipment. Great to handle, it performs well off-road too and among the very best upmarket SUV’s available.

More information about Volvo in the UK

Why not have a look at the official Volvo UK company web site and get the latest news about Volvo in the UK at The Volvo Owners' Club site. You may also like to see what they're saying about new Volvo cars on the Top Gear web site.

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