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Are you looking for Volvo lease deals in the UK? Volvo car leasing is a cost-effective way for you to lease a new car. Browse our latest Volvo car leasing deals and offers available to find your next new car.

Make every mile memorable with our exclusive Volvo lease deals in the UK. Call us today to take the next step toward acquiring your dream Volvo SUV on lease. 

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Why Lease a Volvo?

What makes a Volvo car lease so appealing? Volvo is well-known for its Swedish style and safety technology, making Volvo a strong contender when choosing a great lease deal.

With every Volvo lease, you will benefit from driving a brand-new car that comes complete with all the new vehicle’s kit and technology. You will be driving a high-performing executive car before you know it. We do everything we can to ensure leasing your Volvo is as straightforward as possible.

If our easy leasing process isn’t enough, you may be drawn in by our affordable lease deals available. To enable you to secure the Volvo contract hire deal you want, we shop our panel of lenders to find you an affordable leasing offer. 

Compare our affordable lease deals across the entire Volvo range. Should you need help deciding if it's right for you, please contact us. We are happy to help answer any questions you have and assist you through each step of the leasing process.


Known for making some of the safest cars on the road, a new Volvo lease might be the smartest choice for your next family car. Leasing a Volvo is a practical option if you’re looking to drive a reliable, safe and efficient car while taking control of your budget. Here are some additional benefits of our Volvo contract hire deals:

  • Low monthly fixed rate - Choose your rental cost and pay a fixed monthly price on a Volvo lease deal that you are happy with, which is ideal for budgeting. 
  • Free Mainland UK delivery - All of our Volvos come with free UK mainland delivery. Typically, this will be to your home or work address.
  • No vehicle depreciation risk- You do not need to fret about vehicle depreciation with your Volvo lease, as the lender does this for you. At the end of the lease, you simply hand it back. So you can sit back, relax and maybe order another Volvo?
  • Road Tax Included - A Road Fund License is included in the price for the length of the contract on your Volvo model. 
  • Full Manufacturer’s warranty included - Volvo offers a three-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty with all their cars.
  • Maintenance and running costs - Our excellent comprehensive maintenance deals offer a fantastic, cost-effective solution to take care of your maintenance, servicing, and tyres. 
  • A wide variety of Volvo leasing options - For the environmentally conscious, Volvo provides a growing number of plug-in hybrid models. This allows you to choose a super fuel-efficient model to aid your costs even further.

Compare our Volvo lease deals available and choose the model and lease deal that works for you. All you have to do is get in touch, and we'll help you find the best deal for your preferences and budget.

VOLVO C40 ESTATE 175kW Recharge Core 69kWh 5dr Auto

Our Volvo Range

If you are looking for a safe family car with a prestigious badge for a cost-effective price, a Volvo lease may be a good choice. Leasing a Volvo is a simple, easy solution to driving the perfect family car. 

Within our range, you can find the following super stylish Volvo car models on lease:

To learn more about our best Volvo car leasing deals, have a look at our range below.

Disclaimer: Please note that the specifications listed below for Volvo leasing were correct at the time of writing. Specs should always be checked before agreeing to our Volvo car leasing deals.

Volvo C40

With multiple trim levels to choose from and plenty of exciting features, this small SUV offers impressive capabilities. If you’re worried about ‘range anxiety’, the all-electric C40 crossover SUV delivers a range of 273 miles, giving Tesla a run for its money.

Volvo S60 & S90 Saloons

Our Volvo S60 lease deals give you the option of a plug-in hybrid or fully-electric vehicle. These cars offer a beautiful interior with plenty of infotainment features. 

The S90 version offers an excellent petrol-electric hybrid with an impressive 455 bhp (brake horsepower) and boasts Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving technology. We also offer an electric model offering a range of 36 miles and great fuel economy. 

Volvo XC40, XC60 & XC90

The Volvo XC90, XC60, and XC40 are all luxurious Scandinavian-inspired SUVs with plenty of safety features. The XC90 is ideal for large families due to the roomy interior, while the Volvo XC60 combines style and practicality with plenty of power. 

If you’re looking for the ideal car for city driving, the Volvo is expertly crafted with all the bells and whistles for a stylish and comfortable drive.

Volvo EX30 & EX90

Both of these vehicles are all-electric and eco-friendly, making them ideal for city driving. The EX30 boasts a stylish design, complete with a curved roof, rolling hood, and rounded nose. You’ll notice its sporty LED headlights and overall sleek design that makes it stand out on the road. The EX90 has a taller profile with bold accentuation over the sides, providing a distinctive look.

Which Volvo on lease will work for you? Whether you’re after a Volvo S90 lease or our ultra-luxurious Volvo XC90 lease deals, we’ve got you covered. Compare all the Volvo lease deals available from First Vehicle Leasing to find your next favourite car on lease.



Explore our Volvo lease models and choose the variant with an affordable initial payment that works for you. From all-electric, petrol, or hybrid Volvo lease deals, we’ve got something for everyone. The power is in your hands.


Choose your initial rental, the duration of your contract, your annual mileage, optional maintenance and additional specifications. One of our specialists will talk you through the agreement and answer any questions you may have about our Volvo lease cars.


Leasing a Volvo will allow you to change your car every 2-4 years. Get free UK delivery when you lease a Volvo with us and drive away with a brand-new vehicle. Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of Volvo lease options (or opt for a different brand) once you hand your old one back.

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First Vehicle Leasing: First for Choice, First for Service

First Vehicle Leasing is one of the UK’s leading car leasing experts. We focus on providing great service and bespoke deals to fit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re after Volvo business leasing deals or Volvo personal lease options, we’ve got a variety of exciting Volvo car lease deals to match your preferences.

When you lease a Volvo with First Vehicle Leasing, you will enjoy a simple, stress-free leasing process and gain access to our wealth of car leasing knowledge and expertise. We make it easy for you to start driving the car you’ve always wanted for an affordable price. Plus, we take the time to shop the market to make sure you can compare the best Volvo lease deals available.

In addition to our lease cars from Volvo, we offer a selection of exciting deals on luxury brands such as Audi, BMW, and Tesla. Explore our variety of choices to find your ideal match. 

Enhance your driving experience with our Volvo lease deals in the UK. Call us today to find the best Volvo rental deals to suit your preferences!

Volvo Leasing Deals - FAQs

Below, you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Volvo deals on lease. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, give us a ring.

  • What is car leasing?

    Car leasing is simply a longer hire of a new car using a credit contract for a set period, usually between 2 to 4 years. A lease on a Volvo offers low fixed monthly rental payments until the end of the contract, and then you hand the car back.

  • What are the benefits of car leasing?

    New cars. The value of car leasing is that you get to drive the latest new cars for less while enjoying warranty cover, the newest technology and safety advancements. A car lease also protects the hirer from residual loss and market uncertainty, plus the costs associated with ageing cars.

  • Is Volvo a good brand?

    Created with exquisite Scandinavian design, Volvo cars find the perfect balance between economy, practicality, safety and performance. This Swedish firm's modern designs and fun city cars are perfect for helping to improve your experience behind the wheel.

  • Which Volvo hybrid or electric vehicle is right for me?

    If you’re looking for a spacious family vehicle and enjoy travelling, then our Volvo V90 lease deals in the UK will suit you best. This model comes with an impressive 714 litres of space and luxury features, including Google Assistant with a head-up display and an advanced air-purifying system in the cabin. For those who want a smaller and more powerful hatchback, our Volvo C40 lease deals are a great option, ideal for trips around the city.

    If you’re looking for versatility, then our Volvo XC60 lease deals are perfect for you. These cars are ideal for individuals or families looking for a faster, midsize luxury SUV. With added brake horsepower, the Volvo XC60  delivers an exciting drive.

  • Is it smart to lease a Volvo?

    Definitely! With the amount of money that new cars can lose, leasing a Volvo makes a lot of sense. If you are not fussed about owning the vehicle at the end, it can be the cheapest way to get into a brand-new Volvo.

  • Is a Volvo lease right for me?

    Whether you’re looking for all-electric Volvo EX90 lease deals or a luxurious plug-in hybrid  Volvo s90 on lease sedan, you can expect high-performing, safe cars. With engine technology such as combustion engine-only power, Volvo lease offers are perfect for those looking for a fuel-efficient and reliable car.

    In addition to Volvo electric car lease deals, we also offer petrol variations that are exclusive to the S60 models. So you can choose the model that suits your lifestyle and travel needs.

  • Why lease a Volvo?

    Volvo makes stylish cars known for their safety. Leasing a Volvo will be a cost-effective way for you to drive a brand-new Volvo for a fixed period. Once your contract is over, you don’t need to worry about the vehicle’s depreciation – something that would affect a car’s resale value if it was owned by you.

    With a Volvo lease, you will experience a simple and convenient leasing product that helps you drive a fantastic car using a fixed-term, fixed-cost contract. With some of the best Volvo lease deals available, you’ll be able to find a monthly price that suits your budget.

  • Is it better to lease or finance a Volvo?

    There are a few factors to consider when buying or leasing a Volvo. This depends on your personal circumstances, monthly income and expenditure, and your view on owning a car.

    You can drive a new car with a Volvo lease in the UK for a fixed monthly cost. You don’t need to worry about the car losing its value or stress about road tax. All our vehicles come with a full manufacturer warranty. Plus, compared to alternative finance options, leasing offers a low initial outlay.

  • How do I lease a Volvo?

    Leasing a Volvo is simple. Begin by comparing the best lease deals we offer and choose your initial rental, contract length, annual mileage, and the add-ons you would like. Get your contract approved and signed, and then wait for your chosen Volvo lease with free delivery. Once your contract hire is over, we can arrange to have your car collected. This makes Volvo car leasing in the UK easy and hassle-free.

  • How much does it cost to lease a Volvo?

    Are you wondering how much does a Volvo lease cost? Leasing a Volvo is a cost-effective way to drive a fantastic car packed with the latest gadgets and up-to-date features. It also offers the option of a low initial outlay.

    You can find the cheapest Volvo lease deal on the XC40 T2 and other Volvo SUVs on our site or by giving us a call. The rate may vary depending on the specifications you choose, but you will not need to worry about changes in price once you start your contract with us.

  • What is included in the total Volvo lease cost?

    The price of a Volvo lease will vary depending on the model, the specifications you select, the profile of your contract and any additional features you may want. However, each lease deal can be customised to your needs and budget — this means you can select a price that works well for you. Prices include free UK delivery, road tax for the contract term, and the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • What happens at the end of my Volvo lease?

    You can lease a Volvo for 2 to 4 years. Once your contract hire is over, the car goes back to the lender. Contact us when you are finished with your Volvo lease car, and we can help arrange its collection.

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