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For many car buyers, Honda cars are unrivalled for their build quality and reliability - the brand often tops driver satisfaction surveys. Underpinning their success is a range of impressive engines and Honda's hybrid output is among the best around.

Honda cars are engineered to impress


Vehicles offer reliability and lots of equipment

Possibly the most popular cars are the firm's British-built models: the Jazz and Civic as well as the CR-V.

Like all Honda cars, the Jazz, which is a supermini, is reliable and well-designed. There's a lot of space on board and the rear seats fold flat to create a big boot. Powered by excellent engines, the Jazz is agile and cheap to run and offers a lot for a car of this size.

For practical use, the Civic ticks most boxes. It's a popular car and has helped Honda reach out to a new generation of fans. The Civic has great performance, frugal engines and lots of equipment.

In many ways, the Civic is the car that helps sets Honda apart and give it an image of creating ground-breaking, reliable and fun cars. The Civic is a family hatchback designed for years of robust use – there’s also a fun three-door version available for the Type S model; this has performance and the looks to be a great car.

Both models come with lots of equipment to help them compete in the sector.

Lots of standard equipment on the range

The equipment on the Accord also impresses in a car that is designed to take on its better-known German rivals in the large saloon segment. The Accord acquits itself well and is reliable as well as being stylish. The Tourer or estate version has a lot of practicality and both versions have space and style.

The UK built CR-V is the firm's SUV model and there's a lot to offer drivers. Handling is excellent and there are practical ideas on board and an impressive ride which makes it a viable choice for those who want an SUV but don’t want to go off-roading.

Essentially, the CR-V will impress on tarmac with great performance, strong engines and the firm’s renowned reliable build quality.

More information about Honda

Why not have a look at the official Honda UK company web site and get the latest news about Honda in the UK at The Honda Owners' Club site. You may also like to see what they're saying about new Honda cars on the Top Gear web site.


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Honda is a manufacturer that offers a complete range of cars from the small and affordable Jazz through the mid-range Civic to the top-of-the-range CR-V. For both personal and company use, leasing / contract hire from First Vehicle Leasing offers you the best opportunity to drive away in a brand new Honda for less. You choose the Honda you want and how long you want to lease that car for, and we take care of the pricing, negotiating the finance, ordering and delivery of your brand new 2014-registered car.

Contract hire and leasing for business? Personal?

Note: leasing and contract hire are two different terms for the same thing. There are a few very minor differences and options between personal leasing and business leasing (see below).

Personal car leasing options

If you're not a business then it is best to just opt for personal leasing and for a simple explanation about our different types of cheap personal contract hire / finance / leasing packages available in the UK please read our pages about personal leasing offers or call our advisors free on 0333 00 333 25.

Business car leasing options

The main difference for businesses is that there are often advantages arising from the company's UK VAT status and special conditions may apply for fleet leasing, so prices are often lower. For a simple explanation about our different types of business contract hire / finance / leasing options please read our pages about business leasing or call our advisors free on 0333 00 333 25.

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