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Compare lease prices on green Polestar models with First Vehicle Leasing. What used to be the racing arm of Volvo has now somehow become one of the world’s most innovative and simultaneously green car brands. Leasing a Polestar has never been easier. FVL has the stylish Polestar 2 with dual motor, single motor, and different battery options available to lease. In 2022 we also eagerly await the release of Polestar’s second full EV, the Polestar 3 SUV.

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Polestar leasing is a cost-effective way to drive a new luxury EV. Residual values could be uncertain as a relatively unknown brand in the UK. Using an electric car leasing agreement from First Vehicle Leasing, you can shelter from that risk. We use a tendering process that allows us to shop the marketplace to secure you the most affordable lease on your new Polestar.

You can get great Polestar personal contract hire deals with low prices from First Vehicle Leasing. Our Polestar finance options are designed to suit your requirements across a range of models. Polestar's are powered using efficient engines, and with a lease from FVL they are very affordable to own and run.


What to expect when you lease a Polestar?

Once the racing arm of Volvo, Polestar is now a fully-fledged EV manufacturer in its own right. They aim to offer a first-rate luxury EV experience, clean Scandinavian design, and the best green credentials to their drivers. 

Leasing a new Polestar from First Vehicle Leasing will allow you to avoid depreciation, enjoy cost-effective fixed monthly rentals and change your car every few years. You won’t have to worry about MOT until the vehicle is three years old, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of Polestars’ excellent manufacturers’ warranty. Road tax is included with all our contract hire vehicles. Fully maintained agreements are available also. FVL offers both personal and business electric car leasing, and we can provide guidance if you are looking at leasing a Polestar on a salary sacrifice scheme through your business. Lastly, all brand new cars have free delivery to the UK mainland. 

POLESTAR 2 FASTBACK 200kW 69kWh Standard Range Single motor 5dr Auto


Although made in China, Polestar is about as Swedish as its gets. This is a good thing. Looking at their climate activists, flat-pack furniture, and raincoats, it would appear that the Swedes definitely know how to do things right.

And with a Polestar lease, your environmental kudos gets a massive boost. Not being content with just producing an EV, they went right ahead and published a complete and accountable sustainability report. Looking at every aspect of their business to see how it can be made greener and fast. This reduced the carbon produced on every single vehicle by 6%. By their own admission, “It’s the go-to source of information for anyone who really wants to how a company takes action when it comes to sustainability.” So when they say that driving their new EV is better for the environment, they really mean it. Amen to that.

Most new drivers of leased electric vehicles want something both green and technologically advanced. And with a Polestar lease, that’s precisely what you get. Some would argue that it was the first car to take on Tesla’s mighty Model 3. The Polestar 2 was also the first vehicle to get Google’s Android operating system across its stylish 11” Touch Screen. And in 2022, Polestar teamed up with Storedot - an Israel based battery innovator that specialises in silicon battery technology. The hope is that by 2026, Polestar vehicles fitted with the tech could charge at a rate of 100 miles in just five minutes. This kind of forward-thinking will keep Polestar right at the front of the EV market.

First Vehicle Leasing has been offering car lease deals online for over twenty-four years. To secure the best business or personal leasing deals for our customers, we have selected a panel of ten of the best leasing companies available. Some of these lenders often do bulk deals direct with Polestar, securing favorable terms or quicker lead times - and FVL will always have access to these. Talk with one of our knowledgeable account managers today, who will answer any questions you may have and source you the leasing deal you are looking for. To view our best Polestar lease deals, click here

How to lease a Polestar?

The Polestar range is available on personal or business contract hire from FVL. It’s a straightforward process, choose your Polestar model, get in touch with FVL, who can discuss your requirements, and then take you through the application.

Do you need help with a home charge point? Click here to see if Project EV can help. When the credit check has been carried out and the funding is in place, we will take our credit brokering fee and order your new leased Polestar directly from the manufacturer. When your new EV is ready, we will arrange to have it delivered to your home or work address for you to enjoy for the lease term. At the end of the contract, our friendly team will be in touch to discuss the vehicle uplift and potential replacement. Leasing a new electric car has never been easier.


Below you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions about leasing a Polestar. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Give us a ring.

  • Why lease a Polestar?

    Leasing a Polestar is a cost-effective way to efficiently drive one of the most sought-after electric cars. You pay a fixed monthly rate and benefit from the simplicity and tranquillity of driving an EV. Using a Polestar lease deal with FVL, you can compare the best offers available and set up a lease contract for the UK's most admired electric cars.
    To see this week's most affordable Polestar lease deal click here. With some of the market's best Polestar lease deals, you'll be able to find a monthly price that suits your budget.

  • Is it better to lease or finance a Polestar?

    There are a few factors to consider when buying or leasing a Polestar. It depends on your personal circumstances, monthly income and expenditure, and your view on owning a car.
    You can drive a new EV with a Polestar lease for a fixed monthly cost. You don't need to worry about the car losing its value or stress about road tax. All our vehicles come with the full manufacturer warranty. Compared to alternative finance options, leasing offers a low initial outlay.

  • How do I lease a Polestar?

    To lease a Polestar is simple. Begin by comparing the best lease deals we offer, and then choose your initial rental, contract length, mileage, and any extra add-ons you would like. Once your contract is approved and signed, just wait for your chosen Polestar to arrive with free UK delivery to the mainland. And once your contract hire is over, we can arrange
    to have your car collected. Simple.

  • How much does it cost to lease a Polestar?

    The price of a Polestar lease will vary depending on the model, the specifications you select, the profile of your contract, and any additional features you want.
    Being an EV means you get to enjoy the fuel costs benefits too. However, each lease deal can be customised to your needs and budget – meaning you can select a price that works for you. Prices include free UK delivery, road tax for the contract term, and the manufacturer's warranty.

  • What happens at the end of my Polestar lease?

    You can lease a Tesla for 2 – 4 years. Once your contract hire is over, the EV goes back to the lender. Just contact us when you are finished with your lease, and we can help arrange its collection.

  • Is Polestar a good brand?

    Polestar impresses on just about every level, especially on its green credentials. Polestar has a very successful position as a premium brand in the car leasing sector with exceptional safety levels and impressive performance.

  • What are the benefits of leasing a new car?

    New cars. The value of car leasing lets you drive the latest new cars for less, meaning warranty cover, the newest technology and safety advancements. It also protects the hirer from residual loss and market uncertainty, plus the costs that ageing cars can give.

  • What is car leasing?

    Car leasing is a hire of a new car using a form of credit contract and for a set period. Typically between 2 and 4 years. They offer low fixed monthly rental payments until the end of the agreement, and then you hand the car back to the lender.

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