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Our search comparison tool is designed to show you the cheapest deals currently available for your specific criteria.

To calculate how much your new car will cost in monthly rental - with or without VAT - simply input your criteria into the tool and our leasing calculator will work out the cheapest car lease quote that best meets your new car budget.

If you are looking to calculate the monthly lease rental for a specific make or model, it will provide a list of deals which match.

It can show you all Hybrid or Electric vehicles (just go to 'Options' then 'Fuel' and select what you need). Or it can show you all Estates or SUV's (just go to 'Type' and select what you'd like).

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By using our advanced search comparison tool to compare our car lease deals, it will become obvious why contract hire or leasing is often the most financially efficient way to rent a new car. Leasing and contract hire are two different terms for long term rental which essentially mean the same thing.

The contract hire prices quoted on the site are the prices you will pay with no added extras.

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Whether you need a fuel efficient runabout for the family, a hatchback or an increasingly popular crossover vehicle, our leasing experts are ready to help you. When it comes to finding the best car lease quotes - why settle for less when you can have more? Contact us today to find a cheap monthly rate on your preferred car.