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Land Rover car leasing is a great way to drive a brand-new car without having to pay the full purchase price. With First Vehicle Leasing, you can talk to real car experts for help finding the right model in our entire range. Explore our latest Land Rover lease deals.

Are you looking for Land Rover cars that will suit your budget? Call First Vehicle Leasing today, and we’ll help you find the right Land Rover lease deal for your needs.

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Why Lease a Land Rover?

Looking to lease a Land Rover? At FVL, we make car leasing a Land Rover simple. There are no overpriced finance options, no hidden fees at the end of your contract, just a great lease deal for your favourite Land Rover. With our extensive range, you will find the perfect Land Rover for a price that fits your budget.

What makes a Land Rover lease deal so appealing? If it isn’t the swift, simple leasing process, then the affordable prices of a Land Rover lease might have you walking away with a signed contract hire.

Pros of a Land Rover Lease in the UK

  • Free Mainland UK delivery - All of our new Land Rover lease specials include delivery to your preferred location in the UK.
  • Low monthly fixed rate - Choose your ideal initial rental and monthly rental costs with fixed monthly rentals that work with your budget.
  • Road Tax Included - Your Road Fund License is included in the price for the length of the contract hire agreement, so you don’t need to worry about road tax when acquiring a lease for a Land Rover.
  • No vehicle depreciation risk - No matter your contract length, you don't have to worry about depreciation risk. You simply hand the Land Rover back to us after the lease period ends, making this a more cost-effective option.
  • Comprehensive manufacturer's warranty - We work directly with Land Rover and always include a full manufacturer’s warranty with our lease deals, so you don't need to worry about repair costs when leasing a Land Rover.


We know a thoroughbred when we see one, and the Land Rover car lease surely is a 4x4 legacy. We have been leasing for over 25 years and use a large panel of hand-selected lenders to fund the various contract hire agreements we offer. This, coupled with our fantastic relationships with some of the best Land Rover suppliers in the UK, will ensure you’re in safe hands for your new vehicle.

At First Vehicle Leasing, We do our part to make leasing a Land Rover a smooth and easy process. We will help you find an affordable Land Rover lease that suits your monthly budget, enabling you to drive a great model at a price that you’re happy with.

Start by browsing the selection of Land Rover lease deals available and choose the model that works for you. Then, the power is in your hands. Create a lease contract that fits your budget by adding the desired length of contract, your estimated mileage use, and any other add-ons that will give you complete peace of mind while driving a brand-new Land Rover model.

1 - Choose your model: View our Land Rover lease deals and choose the one that works for you.

2 - Create a personalised contract: Set your rates on the Land Rover you love and get in touch with one of our specialists to get your contract sorted.

3 - Drive away with a new Land Rover every 2–4 years: Get free UK delivery when you lease a Land Rover with us and drive away with a brand new 4x4 every 2–4 years.

From the smart and stylish Range Rover Evoque that took the company truly global to the top of the tree Range Rover Estate, there is something for everyone. Discover our new Range Rover lease deals today.


Our Land Rover Range

From a farmer’s backyard to the driveway of a lux London hotel, Land Rover has come very far indeed. A Land Rover is a pure heritage four-wheel drive that has become one of the UK’s favourite cross-country vehicles. 

Known for its off-road affluent drive and unrivalled bravery, a Land Rover lease will completely change your outlook on driving and the way you view those Great British roads.

With our Land Rover lease deals, you’ll get to compare the best offers available and create a custom leasing contract for the UK’s most sought-after luxury SUV.

Compare all our Land Rover contract hire deals today!

Disclaimer: Please note that the specifications listed below for new Land Rover models were correct at the time of writing. Specs should always be checked before agreeing to our Land Rover range deals. 

Land Rover Defender

The modern Land Rover Defender comes with a host of exciting trim levels that will appeal to the most discerning driver. The luxury Land Rover Defender is known as the Swiss army knife of Land Rover leases, and it's easy to see why.  

This vehicle is a true all-rounder with optimal off-road capabilities, a large interior to fit the whole family, and a nippy engine for driving around town. The Land Rover’s engine line-up consists of two diesel and two petrol versions. For the eco-conscious, there is also a plug-in hybrid option.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery comes in the HSE, SE, and S trim levels with either a petrol or diesel engine. The Land Rover Discovery belongs to the class of all-terrain vehicles and has impressive fuel efficiency.

This model comes standard with seven seats, an 8-inch display, and air suspension. You can also expect an impressive infotainment system with clear sound and smartphone connectivity. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you’re looking for relatively cheap Land Rover Discovery lease deals in the UK, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a luxury and compact SUV that can comfortably seat five to seven people. The Discovery Sport has a stylish, modern body style with petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid engine varieties. 

The Discovery Sport boasts some remarkable features, such as the ability to descend steep slopes and wade through water up to 60 cm deep. Even more impressive is the artificial intelligence algorithm that learns the driver’s habits so it can set the steering wheel and seat position before the driver climbs inside.

Discovery Range Rover

The Discovery Range Rover car lease comes in HSE and SE trim levels and is a popular choice for families. These vehicles offer petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid options—the power for all versions of this model is delivered using an eight-speed automatic gearbox, and all models feature four-wheel drive.

The Discovery has the typical Range Rover aesthetic, with added pop-out door handles and a stylish new dashboard with veneer. Drivers get an impressive infotainment system with over-the-air updates and a clear display, making this a standout option included in the Range Rover lease deals available.

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque has plenty of modern trim levels to choose from, with a larger body and an even roomier interior. The Evoque is quiet and smooth to drive and can wade through a water depth of up to 600mm.

In terms of the engine, you have the choice of petrol, diesel, or plug-in hybrid options. The entry-level model comes with a reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors, a ten-inch colour touch infotainment screen, and cruise control with emergency braking.

Range Rover Sport

Looking to lease a new Range Rover Sport? The Range Rover Sport offers the Dynamic and First Edition trim levels with petrol, diesel, and a plug-in hybrid option. With excellent off-road performance, luxury, and style, the Range Rover Sport is a versatile family car. These vehicles include 21-inch alloy wheels, a Meridian sound system, a 3D surround camera, as well as a panoramic sunroof.

Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar comes in HSE, SE, and S trim levels. The Velar is distinguished by its incredibly quiet and smooth drive, boasting enhanced ground clearance.

The interior boasts a superior infotainment system with two large touchscreens, which you can enjoy whilst sitting on the heated plush leather seats.

Ready to immerse yourself in the Range Rover experience? Explore our selection of Land Rover and Range Rover leasing deals to find your ideal match.

Land Rover

First Vehicle Leasing: Doing Business the Right Way

First Vehicle Leasing has naturally become one of the UK’s favourite lease dealers because of our passion and promise; we shop the market and find the best deals while providing excellent customer care. 

We are a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). This means that we conduct business according to a strict code of conduct that includes professionalism and integrity to the customer.

Fuel your love for the outdoors with a purebred Land Rover lease deal. We offer a Land Rover business lease as well as a Land Rover personal lease at competitive rates. In addition to our Land Rover leasing options, we also offer deals on other exciting brands, including Audi, BMW, and Tesla.

Are you interested in our Land Rover lease deals? Call First Vehicle Leasing today and explore our exciting Land Rover range with leasing options that suit your budget. 


Land Rover Leasing - FAQs

Below, you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions about a Land Rover for lease. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, give us a ring, and we’ll help you find the best Land Rover lease deals in the UK.

  • Is it smart to lease a Land Rover?

    It is definitely smart to consider a Land Rover lease in the UK! With the amount of money that new cars can lose, leasing Land Rover vehicles makes a lot of sense. If you are not fussed about owning the vehicle at the end, it can be the cheapest way to get into a brand-new Land Rover model.

  • How do I lease a Land Rover?

    Our Land Rover leasing deals involve a straightforward, hassle-free process. Simply pick the Land Rover model that catches your eye, select the desired length of the contract, your estimated mileage use and any other add-ons that you would like to include in your lease term.

    Our leasing specialists will be on hand to guide you through each step of the process and will be happy to answer all your questions about our Land Rovers for lease.

  • Which Land Rover is the most reliable?

    Land Rover’s Range Rover has the highest score in regard to reliability, scoring 78 out of 100. It is followed closely by the Velar and then the Sport just after that.

  • What are the benefits of car leasing?

    The value of car leasing is that it lets you drive the latest new cars for less, meaning warranty cover, the newest technology and safety advancements. It also protects the hirer from residual loss and market uncertainty, plus the costs associated with ageing cars. You also have the option of maintenance add-ons so you can keep your Land Rover model in good condition during the lease period. 

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