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Frequently asked questions

Motorway FAQ

Motorway is 100% free for car sellers. Commission is paid to Motorway by the buyer of the car. Motorway are only paid once a successful car sale has been completed.

To ensure they are fully aligned with their sellers, to help them find the best deal for their car, they do not get paid for advertising or to drive ‘leads’ and ‘clicks’. They present offers in a clear and transparent way, in order for the sellers to find the best options for their individual circumstances.

When you value your car on Motorway, you’ll be asked to enter your registration and mileage. They then provide you with instant offers from online buyers and specialist dealers.


They use data sources like the DVLA database (to provide all the details about the make, model and engine of your car), and third-party market data providers to provide indicative market values.


All of their buyers use their own data sources to value cars. All this will feed into a ‘guide price’ that they are willing to offer. As a price comparison site, the instant offers shown on Motorway are provided by their partner car buying sites, so they don’t control the prices.


If your car is eligible for their Premium service, they’ll provide you with an initial estimate based on your reg, mileage, and various data sources. They’ll then ask you to complete a more in-depth profile of your vehicle, gathering photos and details of your car’s service history, condition and any additional specifications. They’ll use this to get guaranteed offers from their network of specialist dealers.

You will be paid for your car via bank transfer in all cases. The time it takes for your money to be received depends on the partner you’ve chosen to sell your car to and their payment options. These are visible within Motorway’s comparison table. Most offer a same day transfer option, either for free or with a small transaction fee. If you are selling via Motorway’s Premium Service, it is always free to receive the money in your bank account.


None of their buyers will be able to pay you in physical cash (i.e. in bank notes) as this practice is illegal for companies in the UK.

You can sometimes see the use of the term ‘cash’ in their website, but this is only in reference to money, to make it clear that they pay for your car outright (i.e. not part exchange), but physical cash is never suggested or offered via their platform.

Absolutely, their online car buyers and specialist dealers buy cars on finance every day. They’ll pay off the finance directly and the remaining amount will be paid to you via a transfer into your bank account.


In order to end the car finance, a ‘settlement figure’ from your finance company is required. This gives you a stated amount that must be paid before the finance can be ended.


If you request it, your car finance provider will post a settlement figure to you within 12 days (however, the figure is usually given to you within 1-3 days). Once you have received the figure, the number is usually valid for 10 days to pay it off.


The buyer will explain the simple process of paying off your settlement figure when you choose to go ahead.


In the event that your settlement figure exceeds your offer, you can either pay the difference off yourself or pay the buyer or dealer to write off the sum in one go.