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It's What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru.


Subaru is the automobile production division of Japanese group Fuji Heavy Industries, the twenty-sixth biggest car manufacturer by worldwide production in 2011. It was founded as the Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915 by Chikuhei Nakajima and, in 1946, the company created the Fuji Rabbit motor scooter using spare aircraft parts left over from the war. The first Subaru car was named the Subaru 1500 but only twenty were manufactured owing to multiple supply issues.

From 1954 to 2008, the company designed and built a host of different vehicles including the tiny air-cooled 360 in 1958, the 1000 which introduced the Subaru flat boxer engine in 1965, the R-2 in 1969, the Rex and the Leone in 1971, the BRAT in 1978, the Alcyone in 1985, the Legacy in 1989, the Impreza in 1993, the Forester in 1997, the Tribeca in 2005,the Exiga in 2008 and the BRZ in 2012.

Subaru name and badge

The name Subaru, as well as its logo, is derived from the Pleiades ("The Seven Sisters"), the famous star cluster in the Taurus constellation. The star formation is called "Subaru" in Japanese, which can also be translated as "to govern" or "combine" in English. In 2011 the company even co-produced a Manga anime series called "Wish Upon the Pleiades" with Subaru as the lead character!

Subaru finance their rally division

Subaru have a reputation for creating impressive cars that perform well on the world's rally circuits but their cars are equally at home on everyday streets with the ever-popular Subaru Impreza leading the way though they are also impressing with their brilliant Forester.

More information about Subaru in the UK

Why not have a look at the official Subaru UK company web site and get the latest news about Subaru in the UK at The Subaru Owners' Club site. You may also like to see what they're saying about new Subaru cars on the Top Gear web site.

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Our cheap new Subaru financing offers and specials

Subaru is a manufacturer that offers a complete range of cars from the entry level Impreza through the mid-range Forester to the top-of-the-range WRX STI. For both personal and company use, leasing / contract hire from First Vehicle Leasing offers you the best opportunity to drive away in a brand new Subaru for less. You choose the Subaru you want and how long you want to lease that car for, and we take care of the pricing, negotiating the finance, ordering and delivery of your brand new 2014-registered car.

Contract hire and leasing for business? Personal?

Note: leasing and contract hire are two different terms for the same thing. There are a few very minor differences and options between personal leasing and business leasing (see below).

Personal car leasing options

If you're not a business then it is best to just opt for personal leasing and for a simple explanation about our different types of cheap personal contract hire / finance / leasing packages available in the UK please read our pages about personal leasing offers or call our advisors free on 0333 00 333 25.

Business car leasing options

The main difference for businesses is that there are often advantages arising from the company's UK VAT status and special conditions may apply for fleet leasing, so prices are often lower. For a simple explanation about our different types of business contract hire / finance / leasing options please read our pages about business leasing or call our advisors free on 0333 00 333 25.

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