BMW I4 Review, Specs & Performance

Striking Gran Coupe offers great performance. Comfort and agility make this EV a winner.

The BMW i4 is a contract hire Gran Coupe with striking good looks and a battery-powered range of 367 miles. The i4 M50 is also BMW's first purely electric performance car.

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Overview of the BMW I4


Since the BMW i4 is the firm's first all-electric premium offering, drivers can enjoy a car lease with long-distance abilities and sporty performance.

The i4 uses an 84kWh battery and two electric motors, one on the rear axle and another on the front, to deliver a combined power output of 544 hp.

Opt for the i4 eDrive40 Sport or M Sport, and the electric motor delivers 340 hp and a range of 367 miles.

The 0 to 62 mph sprint time in the BMW i4 is 5.7 seconds - while the M50 with all-wheel drive and a power output of 555 hp will do this in less than four seconds.
And with the torque being instantly available, there's plenty of fun to be had.


BMW I4 in a nutshell

The contract hire BMW i4 is an excellent choice as an electric car to lease with great levels of handling, an impressive interior and low running costs - it's also a great solution for those who are reluctant to switch to electric power and because of its performance and refinement levels, the i4 sets the bar in the segment.


For anybody wanting to lease an electric car delivering plenty of performance and great handling, the BMW i4 is for you. It has been designed on the same platform as the best-selling 3 and 4 Series and delivers similar handling.

Indeed, for those who may be reluctant to make the switch to an EV, the i4 is worth serious consideration.

The four-door offering is a real driver's car and with a low-seated position - drivers will feel more connected to the road than other EV's manage to do.

There's a low centre of gravity and the adaptive chassis delivers the agility that underpins the excellent levels of performance.

When travelling at speed, drivers get to enjoy a special soundtrack that has been conjured up by famous composer Hans Zimmer to alert pedestrians when travelling at low speed. When cruising on motorways, the i4 is well-planted and a very quiet and comfortable place to spend time.

Indeed, BMW says that the dynamic performance will help the i4 stand out in its segment with drivers enjoying dynamic stability control, an integrated braking system, electromechanical steering, rear air suspension and lift-related dampers.

In the i4 M50 there's a bespoke adaptive suspension with configured dampers and springs, along with anti-roll bars that have been specifically designed for the car for the variable sports steering. The cabin is an impressive and relaxing creation, and there's a new generation of the firm's iDrive to enjoy - and it's easy to use.

This new Operating System 8 delivers a new generation of software, controls and displays and is operated by voice. The software is updated over the air and there's an inbuilt SIM card for Internet connectivity.

The cockpit is focused on the driver and there's a curved display for the instrumentation and infotainment. The information display is 12.3-inches, while the instruments use an impressive 14.9-inch screen.

Standard equipment for the BMW i4 includes cruise control, a camera for the reversing assist, a sport leather steering wheel, automatic air-conditioning and an automatic tailgate. The i4 M adds sport seats, light alloy wheels, adaptive suspension and variable sports steering. There's also cruise control with brake function.


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