Insurance, delivery & maintenance

Discover answers to popular questions. At First Vehicle Leasing we are here to help so if you have a question you can't find an answer to please call one of our friendly advisors.

Who insures my car?

You are responsible for insuring your vehicle under a fully comprehensive, all risks policy.

When will my car be delivered?

As long as you're somewhere in the UK mainland, we'll deliver your new car to you. Timescales vary a lot depending on the car. It's part of the service and it won't cost you extra.

What happens when my car needs serviced?

This should be carried out by a franchised dealer, but sometimes can be serviced by a VAT Registered garage, as long as they use the correct original parts for your vehicle. You are responsible for the servicing and general upkeep of your car.

What about a lender maintained agreement?

If you opt to take out an agreement that includes maintenance, this normally covers routine servicing, maintenance and tyres. Sometimes they can also include breakdown recovery services, MOT's and it can act like a warranty when the manufacturers warranty runs out. If you'd like to see a lender maintained quote, just try our handy quote tool on the web-site for any vehicle or call and speak with one of our leasing experts.