Can First Vehicle Leasing supply any make of car?

Yes. We can supply any make or model; from a Mini to an MPV, from a Fiat to a Ferrari. Many clients choose to take advantage of our special deals on specific models.

My dealer's always given me a good price, why should I go elsewhere?

We find that our purchasing power with vehicle manufacturers and our relationship with the finance houses mean that we can beat the price and terms of most local dealers. However, if your dealer can beat us, we can arrange to supply your vehicle through them.

For how long can I run the vehicle?

You choose to keep a vehicle for anything between 2 and 5 years.

How much must I pay in advance?

There is an industry standard of paying for the first 3 contracted months in advance. The payment of additional or fewer payments in advance is at the discretion of the finance company being used to fund the vehicle.


What about insurance?

You are responsible for insuring your vehicle under a fully comprehensive, all risks policy.


How does my new car find me?

As long as you're somewhere in the UK, we'll deliver your new car to you. It's part of the service and it won't cost you extra.


What happens when my car needs serviced?

This should be carried out by a franchised dealer. 

Who pays for the service?

You do. You may, however, opt to take out an agreement that includes maintenance, which normally covers routine servicing, maintenance and tyres. If you'd like to take a look at a typical maintenance contract, call us and ask for a copy.


What happens if I've exceeded my agreed mileage?

The finance company will make a charge based on your excess mileage rate at the end of the contract. Alternatively, the agreement can be rescheduled, at your request, so there will be no surprises at the end of your contract.

What sort of mileage can we agree to in advance?

Mileages of between 6000 and 50,000 miles a year are easily quotable, however, mileages outwith these parameters can be quoted by special request.

Returning you vehicle

When can I start looking for another vehicle?

As soon as you like. If you choose to lease another car with us, you will need to organise collection of your old one at the end of your contract, when we deliver the new.