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    Leasing a convertible gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of cars, allowing you to find the vehicle that matches your ideal drive.

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Why lease a convertible?

Convertibles are fun to drive and very versatile. You can drive with the top down and enjoy the breeze and view or switch it up and drive with a roof over your head. But that’s not all! Many convertibles are comfortable to drive and offer good space for travel essentials. From an Audi TT Roadster to an Abarth 595C Convertible, we have affordable lease deals on a wide range of convertibles, giving you many options to choose from. We shop the market to make sure you get the best deals available simply and easily.

On top of driving a brand new convertible with all the latest technology, you’ll experience quality care, guidance, and assistance from our dedicated car leasing specialists.

  • How do I lease a Convertible?

    We make leasing a convertible a simple process, helping you find the right car and the right lease deal to suit your needs. 

    Begin by browsing through our fantastic range of convertible lease deals and choose the convertible you see yourself driving. Once you’ve selected your car, you can choose the length of your contract, the mileage, and any additional add-ons you would like to include. 

    One of our car leasing specialists will then guide you through the process. They will help you set up your contract and answer any questions you have about your lease. Then you can get your new, sleek convertible sent straight to your door for free.

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      Because there are so many convertibles to choose from, we’ve made it easy for you to search and filter the model and features you are looking for.

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      Tailor your contract to suit your needs

      Fix the duration of your contract hire, the mileage you’ll use, and any add-ons you would like.

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Why should I consider leasing a convertible?

When you lease a convertible with us, you’ll experience the extra benefits that come with leasing. You will…

  • Save more money with affordable lease deals
  • Be able to choose from a wide range of convertibles
  • Go through a simple leasing process with our leasing experts
  • Get warranty and road tax included with your lease deal
  • Get free delivery if you live in the UK




How to lease your convertible

But why lease a convertible? The answer is simple. With a convertible lease, you’ll benefit from low monthly payments and an FVL expert that will help you during each step of your leasing journey. Not only are our convertible lease deals fantastic on price, but you’ll also be able to lease one that is currently in stock so you can cut the delivery waiting times and get your convertible of choice quickly.

Begin leasing a new convertible with FVL and enjoy the simple, laid-back approach to driving. Get in touch with us to get started and have one of our car leasing experts help you drive the car you’ve always wanted.

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Convertible Leasing FAQs

Below you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions about leasing a convertible car. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Give us a ring.

  • Is a convertible cheaper to lease or to buy?

    Leasing a convertible gives you the opportunity to drive a car that is – for many – too expensive to buy. Leases are often cheaper than buying because you can find a contract hire deal for a lot less than buying on finance. 

    With a convertible lease deal, you only pay a fixed monthly rate which also includes full warranty and tax for the duration of your lease. If you are looking to keep a low monthly budget and keep track of your finances, leasing makes it easier to do so.

  • What are the top convertible lease deals right now?

    Looking to lease one of the UK’s top convertibles? Here are the top 3 lease deals you should consider.

    1. The BMW 4 Series Convertible
    2. The Mazda MX 5 Convertible
    3. The Mini Convertible – great value and quick delivery
  • What happens at the end of my lease?

    You can lease a convertible with FVL for 2-4 years. Once your leasing period is over, you return the car to us and you can lease a brand new car of your choice.