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For those who want a rewarding driving experience in a sleek, high performance car that oozes luxury and not want to drive a predictable German creation, then Jaguar cars are for you. The cars are well designed and offer a luxurious environment to enjoy a car with impressive heritage.

Jaguar are the sleek alternative to German marques


Saloons and sports cars with character

Led by the incredible XE, this is a large saloon designed for families with sporty character and lots of premium appeal. Engines include a frugal diesel and include a 3.0litre V6 which has impressive supercharged performance.

With plenty of room on board, the XE offers the best of the marque in a great all-round package.

There’s also the XF which is a distinctive looking car that offers style and excellent handling - the interior is well designed and one of the most comfortable around. The interior will impress and it’s a great place to spend long journeys.

There are economical engines for the XF plus some supercharged units that bring a thrill to the ride.

The Jaguar brand offers real motoring heritage and luxury

Opt for the F-Type and drivers will enjoy a car that is tune with its distinctive motoring heritage - the F-Type is one of the best two-seat sports cars around. Great handling, luxury and dynamic performance make this an all-round winning creation.

The heritage is also part of the XK which comes in saloon and convertible formats. It has performance, graceful lines and an interior that is second-to-none.

Again, there are excellent engines for the XK, including a 5.0 litre unit which will propel this stylish car from 0-62 in four seconds – outperforming more expensive supercars.

There’s also the XJ which is a striking modern car for Jaguar and it offers a powerful and luxury-filled driving experience. Great engines, incredible performance and a car that has been designed to be a stylish alternative for the segment means drivers have an excellent touring vehicle and one that sets a standard for the sector.

More information about Jaguar in the UK

Why not have a look at the official Jaguar UK company web site and get the latest news about Jaguar in the UK at The Jaguar Owners' Club site. You may also like to see what they're saying about new Jaguar cars on the Top Gear web site.

Why buy when you can finance a Jaguar on a risk-free leasing / contract hire deal?

Our cheap new Jaguar financing offers and specials

Jaguar is a manufacturer that offers a complete range of cars from the entry level XF through the mid-range XK to the top-of-the-range XJ. For both personal and company use, leasing / contract hire from First Vehicle Leasing offers you the best opportunity to drive away in a brand new Jaguar for less. You choose the Jaguar you want and how long you want to lease that car for, and we take care of the pricing, negotiating the finance, ordering and delivery of your brand new 2014-registered car.

Contract hire and leasing for business? Personal?

Note: leasing and contract hire are two different terms for the same thing. There are a few very minor differences and options between personal leasing and business leasing (see below).

Personal car leasing options

If you're not a business then it is best to just opt for personal leasing and for a simple explanation about our different types of cheap personal contract hire / finance / leasing packages available in the UK please read our pages about personal leasing offers or call our advisors free on 0333 00 333 25.

Business car leasing options

The main difference for businesses is that there are often advantages arising from the company's UK VAT status and special conditions may apply for fleet leasing, so prices are often lower. For a simple explanation about our different types of business contract hire / finance / leasing options please read our pages about business leasing or call our advisors free on 0333 00 333 25.

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