What is Car Leasing & How Do I Lease Cars in the UK?

Car leasing is growing in popularity as increasing numbers of people see the attraction of driving a new car for a lot less than they would pay if they owned the vehicle.

But why is car leasing gaining in popularity?

For those who are new to the concept of leasing a new car then you need to know two terms: vehicle leasing and personal contract hire.

What is the difference between vehicle leasing and contract hire?

They both essentially mean the same thing but one is designed for business car leasing and the other for individuals who want to lease a vehicle (contract hire).

What car leasing means to you

In turn, car leasing ensures that driving a new car becomes a cheaper, worry-free pleasure.

There are lots of firms offering car lease deals in the market but one of the UK’s leading car leasing firms is First Vehicle Leasing™, with a 94% customer recommendation rating.

We have 15 years of experience in delivering top quality lease cars around the UK, as increasing numbers of people switch over to a cheaper and more enjoyable way of motoring.

What are the costs for car leasing?

You too can join the increasing numbers of satisfied motorists who have removed their car-owning headache and joined the car leasing trend, particularly those who have signed up with First Vehicle Leasing.

What they have found is that you won’t need a hefty down payment, or a bank loan, and the depreciation is covered by the lease payments which have been calculated by the vehicle leasing company. Win-win.

It’s one of the bugbears of motoring that a vehicle depreciates every day, which adds to the cost of motoring – a major factor many people do not consider until they come to sell-on their vehicle and wonder why it is worth a lot less than they bargained for. Dealer trade-ins always disapoint.

In addition, if you take out maintenance cover,  you won’t be facing repair bills – if you own the vehicle, the cost of repairs get higher and higher as the vehicle gets older. And what happens when your warranty expires? It can be very expensive. By leasing a car, you are only paying for the life of the vehicle while you own it. Not for the life of its steep and inevitable depreciaion. As the tycoon J. Paul Getty said: 

Car leasing makes for cheap motoring

In simple terms, it works out like this: Sign up for a car worth £12,000 today and lease it for three years and the vehicle can depreciate in value to be worth perhaps £5,000 in three years’ time. You will effectively only pay for the £7,000 difference in that time, rather than the £12,000 initial cost.

A lease will see you pay 36 instalments, and then you hand the car back, without having to worry about selling it on or trading it in. 

Leasing makes even more sense for firms running a large fleet of vehicles.

So, why not check out the car leasing offers from First Vehicle Leasing™– the UK’s leading vehicle leasing provider?

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  • FORD FIESTA HATCHBACK1.25 82 Zetec 3dr

    FORD FIESTA HATCHBACK 1.25 82 Zetec 3dr
    4 Years £137.08
    £822.48 initial payment 10,000 miles p.a.
    prices shown exclude V.A.T.