What happens at the end of your lease?

At First Vehicle Leasing, our aim is to provide the best car leasing solutions and unbeatable service for our customers across the UK. Discover how easy it is to return your car at the end of its lease.

Should I clean my vehicle before returning it?

Yes. Returning vehicles are appraised on collection, and any damage is recorded on a report that you will be asked to sign. Ensuring the vehicle is clean helps the collection agent make sure that the report is accurate and reduces the likelihood of disputes later. Not only this but often light scratches or blemishes can be taken out with a good polish!

My vehicle has some damage. What should I do before returning it?

Contract hire companies have a ‘Fair Wear and Tear Policy’, a copy of which can be obtained from our customer relations department at [email protected]. If you find that your vehicle has damage that falls outside the guidelines of this policy, you should have this damage repaired prior to collection. Your lender may apply a charge for any damage that has not been repaired.

What should be returned with my vehicle?

Everything provided with your vehicle should be returned. This includes all keys, the service book, satellite navigation discs or SD cards, fixtures and fittings (e.g. headrests, parcel shelf etc.), and locking wheel nut keys. The lender may charge for any items that are missing when the vehicle is collected.

My vehicle is due an MOT soon. What should I do?

Your vehicle should be returned to us in a roadworthy condition, so it is important to ensure that there are at least five days remaining on the MOT for your vehicle on the day it is collected.

I have a personalised registration ON MY LEASED CAR. What should I do?

Please contact FVL a minimum of six weeks prior to collection. We’ll be able to advise what you’ll need to do to remove the plate from your car. It is important to remove this before returning the car, as it may not possible to have the registration returned to you after collection.

Is it possible to keep using my car after the end of the agreement?

This will depend solely on your lender. It may be possible to extend your agreement. Please speak with one of our leasing experts and they will let you know what options are available. 

How do I arrange collection of my vehicle?

Please call us and we will either direct you to your lender or, with certain lenders, we can arrange collection for you.

What happens if I've exceeded my agreed mileage?

The finance company will make a charge based on your excess mileage rate at the end of the contract. Alternatively, some lenders allow a change to the contracted mileage during the contract, so there will be no surprises at the end of your contract. Contact one of our leasing experts to discuss this further.

When can I start looking for another vehicle?

As soon as you like. Your account manager will be able to advise on the current lead time of your new chosen vehicle. The best idea is for us to try and tie up your new car delivery with your old one being collected for a nice smooth changeover.