Cupra Lease Deals

From the sporting arm of SEAT cars come Cupra. With a fresh and dynamic approach to modern motoring that sets its own path.

Leasing a Cupra

Known for being the high-performance wing of SEAT cars. The sporty Spanish car now stands on its own two feet as a unique car manufacturer with plenty of Latin flair. First Vehicle Leasing can compare leasing prices across Cupra’s four models. All are sporty but have different attributes and can be budget-friendly, especially when leasing. First up is the well-known Cupra Leon hatchback. Then you have two SUVs, the smaller Cupra Ateca coming with a two-litre turbocharged engine. The larger and more practical Cupra Formentor is available with two petrol engines or a plug-in hybrid. Lastly, we have the latest edition, the Cupra Born. Which comes as an EV only. Click here to see all of our Cupra car leasing deals in one place.


Leasing a Cupra can make sense for many customers. The plug-in models and the Born are favoured by some of FVL’s business clients. 

Cupra, as a brand, is still relatively new as a standalone manufacturer in the UK; this can mean that residual values are yet unknown. Leasing it will protect you from the unknown, and you’ll benefit from all the perks of a new car, especially regarding some of the new electric-powered models.


Cupra from First Vehicle Leasing

Cupra brings an exciting edge to the mid-sized vehicle segment. Dynamic cars for people that don’t want to conform to the norm. Not content with the sporty recently released all-electric Cupra Born, Cupra has announced a further two new vehicles are to be launched by the end of 2024. These will come in the form of the Terramar hybrid SUV and a second full EV, the Tavascan.

FVL has been leasing online in the UK for over 24 years. We have built long-standing relationships with our vehicle suppliers. We have a hand-selected panel of ten lenders that can supply your Cupra car lease deal; we will systematically work through these to bring you the best value package for your chosen model.


What makes a Cupra lease deal so appealing? With every Cupra lease, you will benefit from driving a brand new car with the latest specification and technology you would expect. Suppose it isn’t our easy leasing process. With our lease brokering process, we shop the marketplace to temp you by the affordable lease deals available from our various leasing companies.

But that’s not all! When you lease a Cupra with FVL, you will also benefit from an array of incentives, including:

  • Free Mainland UK delivery: All of our Cupra’s come with free UK mainland delivery. Typically this will be to your home or work address.
  • Low monthly fixed rate - Choose your monthly rental cost and pay a fixed monthly price that you are happy with—ideal for budgeting. 
  • Road Tax Included - Road Fund License is included in the price for the length of the Cupra contract hire agreement. 
  • No vehicle depreciation risk- You do not need to fret about vehicle depreciation with your Cupra lease deal. The lender does this for you. At the end of the lease, you simply hand it back. So you can sit back, relax and maybe think about a new Cupra?
  • Manufacturer warranty included - Cupra offers a comprehensive manufacturer warranty with all their cars.
  • Maintenance and running costs - Our excellent maintenance deals offer a comprehensive and cost-effective way to take care of your maintenance, servicing and tyres. 

And with Cupra supplying a growing number of PHEV and fully electric car models, you can choose a super fuel-efficient model to reduce your costs even further. To see all of our electric car leasing deals, tap the link.

Cupra aims to offer the latest technology, an entertaining drive with reasonable value to boot. A Cupra contract hire offer from First Vehicle Leasing will allow you to take advantage of our extensive panel of lenders, avoid depreciation and enjoy fixed-cost motoring in uncertain times. Not to mention getting the benefit of the manufacturers’ warranty and getting to change your Cupra every few years.


It’s a straightforward process. To lease your CUPRA, whether it's personal car leasing or business, choose your model and contract parameters; talk with one of our friendly account managers who will take you through the application. We will take your credit brokering fee and order your new car from our trusted supplier when you’re approved for the lending. Once the vehicle is ready, your new Cupra will be delivered to your home or workplace to enjoy the contract term. We will arrange to have the car collected by your lender at the lease’s end. Easy. To see the latest Cupra car leasing offers, follow this link.

Cupra FAQ's

  • Leasing a Cupra is a cost-effective way to efficiently drive a high-performance vehicle. With a Cupra lease deal from FVL, you can compare the best offers available from our panel of chosen lenders. You'll pay a fixed monthly rate and benefit from the simplicity and tranquillity of driving a brand new ICE, PHEV or EV.

    To see this week's most affordable Cupra lease deal click here. And with some of the best Cupra lease deals available, you'll be able to find a monthly price that suits your budget. 

  • There are a few factors to consider when buying or leasing a Cupra. It can depend on your personal circumstances, monthly income and expenditure, and your view on owning a car, in the longer term.

    You can drive a new Cupra lease for a fixed monthly cost. You don’t need to worry about the car losing its value or stress about road tax. All our vehicles come with a full manufacturer warranty. Compared to alternative finance options, leasing offers a low initial outlay. 

  • Leasing a Cupra is simple. Begin by comparing the best lease deals we offer and choose your initial rental, contract length, mileage, and any extra add-ons you would like. Get your contract approved, signed, and then wait for your chosen Cupra lease with free delivery. And once your contract hire is over, we can arrange to have your car collected. Simple.

  • The price of a Cupra lease will vary depending on the model, the specifications you select, the profile of your contract, and any additional features you want. However, each lease deal can be customised to your needs and budget – meaning you can select a price that works for you. Prices include free UK delivery, road tax for the contract term, and the manufacturer’s warranty. And with a choice of electric car options, you could enjoy the fuel costs benefits that go along with it to.

  • You can lease a Cupra for 2 – 4 years. Once your contract hire is over, the vehicle goes back to the lender. Just contact us when you are finished with your lease, and we can help arrange its collection.

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