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Since 1903, Vauxhall has produced a range of impressive cars in every style and functionality you could ask for. With First Vehicle Leasing, you can drive away with a brand-new Vauxhall Corsa, Astra or Insignia at an affordable monthly price. See the full range below.

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Leasing a Vauxhall

Vauxhall offers well-made and popular cars
There’s a Vauxhall for you!
It produced its first car in 1903 and Vauxhall have been making impressive cars for the British motoring public ever since. With a wide range of models, engines and trims to choose from, there’s a Vauxhall for you.

Great range of popular cars
With its range of popular vehicles, Vauxhall cars are a common sight on our roads as owners enjoy a well-made and comfortable car. Some models are still made in the UK and Vauxhall has featured in the best-seller charts for decades.

Among their most popular buys is the excellent Astra which offers great value, lots of equipment and high comfort levels.

The Vauxhall Astra is a bestseller
The Astra is a household name and the car also offers a range of excellent engines and trim levels to make this a decent choice for demanding families who like a car with space and practicality. There’s also the GTC which is based on the Astra but which has a different body and improved driving dynamics.

Alongside the Astra, possibly the next best known car is the excellent Corsa. With its sharp good looks, it is a great performer and there’s a five door model for those who need a practical small car. Again, there’s a wide range of trims to choose from.

However, the new Viva is a name from the past that has been revived by Vauxhall – though it’s nothing like its predecessor! The Viva is an excellent city car with a low price. Despite its small stature, there’s a lot of space.

City cars to impress
It’s not just the Viva that will turn heads – the Adam is also a stylish city car which is nippy around town and with a long list of personalisation options.

Vauxhall don’t just do great small and family cars – their offering in the mini-MPV segment with the Meriva is not only practical but has lots of innovation on board too and an excellent cabin.

There’s also the Mokka X in the supermini MPV class and it offers great looks and lots of equipment. The Mokka X handles well and is a comfortable place to be. For those who love style, the Crossland X is worth considering and should you need more space, the Zafira is a popular choice in the MPV sector with flexible seating and practicality.

Vauxhall’s offering covers every segment
There's also the stylish Cascada convertible to consider which is a well-priced alternative to many rivals.

And if you want a car built for thrills, then the VXR8 will take some beating and let’s not forget the firm’s incredible Insignia - now known as the Insignia Grand Sport - which comes in a range of guises and has impressive list of engines, trims and options to choose from. The car is popular for a reason and its value and fun-to-drive abilities are enjoyed by many.

More information about Vauxhall in the UK
Why not have a look at the official Vauxhall UK company website and get the latest news about Vauxhall at The Vauxhall Owners' Club site. You may also like to see what they're saying about new Vauxhall cars on the Top Gear website.

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What you need to know about the 2023 Vauxhall Astra range

Before choosing the Vauxhall you plan to lease, we recommend determining your budget. Calculate what you can afford each month and the maximum amount you can spend. Once you've found the right deal, be sure to speak to us and be guided through the process. Whichever Vauxhall you choose, you’ll benefit from expert assistance every step of the way, a full warranty from Vauxhall and no depreciation on your new car!

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Below you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions about leasing a Vauxhall. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Give us a ring.

  • Is it smart to lease a Vauxhall?

    Definitely! With the amount of money that new cars can lose, leasing a Vauxhall makes a lot of sense. If you are not fussed about owning the vehicle at the end, it can be the cheapest way to get into a brand new Vauxhall.

  • Is Vauxhall a good brand?

    Vauxhall are one of the most well-known car manufacturers in the world and have created a reputation for producing vehicles that find the perfect balance between economy, practicality and design. Vauxhall's modern designs and fun city cars are perfect for helping to improve your time behind the wheel.

  • What is car leasing?

    Car leasing is simply a longer hire of a new car using a credit contract for a set period, usually between 2 and 4 years. They offer low fixed monthly rental payments until the end of the contract, and then you hand the car back.

  • What are the benefits of car leasing?

    New cars. The value of car leasing lets you drive the latest new cars for less, meaning warranty cover, the newest technology and safety advancements. It also protects the hirer from residual loss and market uncertainty plus the costs that ageing cars can give.

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