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Driving tips for Edinburgh

The main thing to avoid when driving in Edinburgh is, driving in Edinburgh. The 'Old Town' was built around the 12th century, and the 'New Town' was built around the 18th century. So horses were not being catered for, not cars (or buses, for that matter!).

As you would expect, the old town is virtually undrivable, and even the new town has many streets only for pedestrians. The bypass road (the A720) is helpful if you need to get somewhere on the city's fringes, but it can be congested at peak times. The other thing to note is that parking in the town can be costly.

Car lease background

Car leasing deals in Edinburgh

For many people in Edinburgh, leasing a car is a more attractive option than buying one outright. Are you looking to find your next lease car and live in Edinburgh?


  • Car leasing lets you choose from the whole market, and offers you fixed monthly rentals making it ideal for budgeting.
  • Our unique special offers give you cheaper car lease deals to choose from, helping you save money each month.
  • You don’t have to worry about the car losing value over time. Simply lease your car and hand it back at the end of the term.
  • Our lease cars are brand new, so you will receive the full warranty, road tax for the term and breakdown recovery.
  • Delivery is included to anywhere in the UK mainland.
  • We shop the market place so don’t have to. Using our panel of the ten of the best leasing companies.


  • Being a lease, you won’t own the car; once the lease term is up, you’ll have to return the car.
  • It pays to be accurate with your mileage allowance. There are mileage charges should you go over your contracted miles.
  • Because our car lease special offers are constantly changing, you may miss out on the best offer for you if you wait too long.
  • There can be a termination fee should you want to exit your contract early.
  • If the price of road tax increases, you will have to pay the difference.
  • If you return the vehicle damaged, you will have to pay for the repairs.

Our leasing expertise at your disposal

Edinburgh's Clean Air Driving Zones

In May 2022, the Edinburgh Council introduced a clean air zone around the city. It is not being enforced until the 1st of June 2024, when a penalty would mean a £60 fine, going to £30 if paid within 14 days. The emission standards will be Euro 4 for petrol cars, Euro 5 for diesel vehicles and all petrol or diesel taxi and private hire vehicles.

To get more information on the Low emission zone for Edinburgh, click here.

EV Chargers in Edinburgh

Through the Scottish Government scheme, Chargeplace Scotland, Edinburgh has many charge points around Heriot Row and Fettes Avenue. You can see these here. Most are 7kWh chargers, so if you need something more substantial, like a DC rapid charger, you should head out of town (just a little) - check out ZAPMAP to get you topped up in no time.

Transport links in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has plenty to do and see, a city rich in history and culture. It's probably best explored on foot and using public transport. It's one of the few UK cities to have its own publicly owned bus service, the LRT, so the prices are still reasonable. Many roads in Edinburgh now have a dedicated bus lane ensuring that the buses get a clear run, so they are relatively reliable too.

Edinburgh now has a state-of-the-art tram system. Going from the west of the city into the centre and back, it can take you from Edinburgh Airport if you are flying or from the Ingliston Park and Ride and drop you into the city's heart with no hassle. Trams are every seven minutes, and it is ideal if you want to drive to Edinburgh but prefer to avoid parking in the town itself. The rail links are bountiful, as well as the trams and buses; check out our handy links to help you get around Edinburgh below.

Parking around edinburgh

Although a busy place to drive around, Edinburgh offers some decent parking options; it can be pretty pricey.

Multi-storey options include St James Quarter, Castle Terrace and Edinburgh Park. On-street parking is metered, and you can use the Ringo app to pay from your phone and top up without going back to the meter. Check the locations here. Whenever parking in the street in Edinburgh, it pays to read the signage, there are a lot of parking permit areas, and many roads can't be parked on (or even stopped on) at all, like the dedicated bus lanes or 'double red' lines.

Helpful Car Leasing Insights

Below you can find answers to our most commonly asked questions about car leasing in Edinburgh. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch.

  • First Vehicle Leasing has leased vehicles to Edinburgh for twenty-five years. Being wholly owned by the Ogilvie Group brings FVL the buying power to secure the best deals from your favourite car manufacturers. We shop the market for the best possible leasing package from our panel of ten hand-picked leasing companies to bring you the best deal. Our leasing consultants are on hand to take you through the process from start to finish and will happily answer any questions.

  • Established in 1998, we’re industry experts with a wealth of experience. As an FVL customer, you benefit from the strength of our partnerships with leading finance companies to bring you low prices and flexible leasing options. This means we can tailor deals to suit your needs. Our deals start from under £200, so you’ll find a vehicle for even the tightest budget.

  • At First Vehicle Leasing, our aim is to provide the best car leasing solutions and unbeatable service for our customers across the UK. To bring you the best deals we use a rating system. Our proprietary ranking system has been developed over 25 years and takes into account features of each model compared to its rivals. The primary categories used are length of lease, mileage limits along with a car's performance, practicality and tech features. We go direct to negotiate highly competitive deals on all our vehicles, so we can offer the very best deals.

  • Car leasing is simply a longer hire of a new car using a credit contract for a set period, usually between 2 and 4 years. They offer low fixed monthly rental payments until the end of the contract, and then you hand the car back.

  • With a standard car lease deal you will find included:

    • Full vehicle manufacturers warranty.
    • Road Tax for the length of the lease.
    • Free UK mainland delivery, right to your door.

    With a standard lease, you are responsible for insurance, charging and (or) fuel costs, damage, servicing, and maintenance.  
    If you wish to include servicing, premium branded tyre replacements, and maintenance, you can opt-in for what is called a Lender Maintained Lease. 

    Your lender-maintained contract hire includes all of the above with a few extra additions.

    Those include: 

    • Servicing  
    • Maintenance  (even things like wipers, bulbs, brakes, exhaust)
    • MOT for leases over three years
    • Breakdown recovery
    • Premium branded tyre replacements (and often puncture repairs too)
  • When you lease a car with FVL, you benefit from a range of special deals and offers. You'll also get one-to-one expert advice on which car to choose, how the process works, and how to get the most out of your vehicle. We have access to every new make and model of car available in the UK, including the latest electric cars.