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The Nissan Leaf is a great family electric car with quirky looks and built to impress. The Leaf is the world's bestselling EV. If you want your car with zero emissions, the Leaf is a good choice.


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Leasing a Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf hatchback

The Nissan Leaf is a hatchback which uses a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery producing 110 KW. In motoring terms, is the equivalent to 148 bhp. All of the power is available instantly and the 0 to 62 mph sprint time is less than 10 seconds. More importantly, the Leaf's battery range has been improved to 168 miles with the Leaf e+ offering drivers up to 239 miles with a motor delivering 217 HP.

How does the Nissan Leaf compare?

With competition in the electric vehicle market becoming hotter, the Nissan Leaf was revamped in 2019 with the battery and range being improved. The cabin was made more stylish and the handling was improved too. Charging the Leaf takes 6.5 hours using a 7 kWh charger at home, though a rapid charger will take 40 minutes to recharge the battery to 80% of its capacity. The driving experience is near-silent and it's a good performer around town with the suspension dealing with lumps and bumps for a smooth driving experience. There's little in the way of tyre noise as well. This is an agile and nippy car with a long list of equipment and Nissan's ProPilot feature that introduces semi-autonomous driving to take over the steering, braking and acceleration in traffic. Owners can also opt for the ProPilot Parking system which will park the car automatically using a range of parking sensors and a 360-degree camera. Nissan has also tweaked the Leaf e+ to deliver better power between 50 mph to 75 mph so drivers can pass slow-moving vehicles with confidence and merge easily with fast moving traffic when necessary. The cabin has plenty of space and the batteries do not encroach into the cabin and the Leaf always feels well-planted and comfortable to drive. There's plenty of safety kit to including lane keeping assist, an automatic emergency braking system that recognises cyclists and pedestrians and lane departure warning. Essentially, the Nissan Leaf is a popular electric vehicle for many reasons - but it's a great family car with low running costs and zero emissions that is certainly worth shortlisting.

Useful information about the Nissan Leaf

Why not have a look at the Leaf on the official Nissan UK company website and get the latest news about it at The UK Nissan Owners' Club.

NISSAN LEAF HATCHBACK 110kW Acenta 40kWh 5dr Auto [6.6kw Charger]

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