1 09, 2023

Tesla launches new Model 3

The new version of the Tesla Model 3, referred to as ‘Project Highland’ internally, has been eagerly anticipated since hints were released in late 2022. After six years of massive success with two million units sold worldwide, Tesla has updated […]

27 06, 2023

EV Battery Disposal: Trends and Technologies to Watch.

EV Batteries Second Life Components of an EV Battery Battery Management Systems EV battery disposal Environmental impacts Best Practise Specialist Re-Cycling Commodity Brokerage Black Mass Alternative Battery Technology FAQs EV Battery Disposal – Many of us have experienced the frustration […]

20 06, 2023

The true cost of car vandalism

Car vandalism from overzealous eco warriors slashing tyres and defacing vehicles to car part thefts in the middle of the street, it doesn’t matter what the reason is; they are all selfless vandals with no thought of the consequences they […]

12 06, 2023

AI Cars, Innovations and Future Trends

Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Vehicles Augmented Reality Energy Generating Panels Airless Tyres Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Recycled interiors AI Cars AI Cars stands for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to developing and deploying computer systems or machines that can perform tasks that typically require […]