The MG4 Electric Car of the Year award in 2023

The MG4 Electric Vehicle winning the Auto Express Affordable Electric Car of the Year award in 2023 is a significant achievement.

The Affordable Electric Car of the Year award signifies that the MG4 EV offers a balance of affordability, features, and performance in the electric vehicle market.

This recognition could also highlight the increasing competitiveness and innovation in the electric car industry as more manufacturers strive to produce appealing and accessible electric vehicles.

Some highlights of the 12-month report from Richard Ingram of, who took the Orange MG4 Trophy on a long-term  test for Auto Express.

The challenge was seen as the perfect opportunity to not only assess what an extra motor and double the power might feel like but also to dissect how MG’s business as a whole is integrating itself in the UK.

MG4 Increases Market Share

The answer to the second part of that assignment is very well indeed. At the start of the year, MG was targeting 70,000 registrations in 2023 – up from just 19,000 over the previous 12 months. The maker hit 45,694 units in the first six months of the year, with certain variants 50 per cent up year-on-year.

MG’s total market share currently stands at just over four per cent – slightly behind Hyundai and Nissan but ahead of Skoda and Peugeot.

If you look closely at the statistics, it’s evident that MG is experiencing a successful streak. In the past, it could take up to a year to get your hands on a MG ZS EV due to the brand’s unexpected growth.

MG 4 Available Stock

However, now there is stock available and are prepared ready to deliver. The MG4 is currently the second most popular electric vehicle on the market, only falling behind the Tesla Model Y, and over 14,000 MG4s have been registered as of September of last year. Not wishing to rest on its laurels, MG is constantly listening to user feedback and implementing key changes to boost customer satisfaction

MG Listening to customers

For instance the lack of a rear wiper – not all that noticeable on a clear summer’s day but something that has bugged me on a number of occasions since taking delivery.

But if you order your MG4 now, you’ll be able to clear the screen to your heart’s content. Handy, because all cars now get three headrests in the back – as opposed to the pair my car’s outer seats only.

New 2023 Model

New Trophy cars are more easily distinguished from their lesser SE siblings due to a set of sharp 17-inch wheels.  The new Trophy’s bigger wheels are of a different design to the 18” wheels seen on the XPower model but equally pleasing to our eyes.

The regenerative braking in my car is quite aggressive, although  it won’t bring the car to a complete stop, there are 4 settings to choose from.

MG 4 Excellent Mileage Range

Otherwise, even my 22-plate car has plenty of redeeming features. It’s proving admirably efficient – I’ve seen 3.8mi/kWh over more than 2,000 miles so far, and nudged 2mi/kWh more on a recent crawl along the A406 to north London. Strong economy means I’m seeing a decent 230-240 miles of range, so I’ll be able to visit my parents in Devon without stopping.

Admittedly, I would like a bigger boot. We don’t use my daughter’s buggy all that much any more, but it’s bulky enough that I needed to remove a wheel before placing it in the back of the MG. Carrying passengers is no trouble, though – I’ve had two adults and a child in the rear without complaint.

MG4 Review

The Stunning All-New MG4 EV 5Dr Hatchback offers good looks, practicality, and fun with a selection of bold colours, which includes the new Volcano Orange. The 2023 Award-winning Electric car Still, more importantly, it is one of the best value electric cars you can buy in the UK.

MG has recently earned itself a reputation as a specialist budget electric car manufacturer; with the ZS and MG5, they have been outselling many traditional favourite brands in the UK.

The MG4 is similar in size to the Volkswagen ID3 or the Cupra Born; however, pricewise, the MG4 is a terrific value in the context of electric cars.*

MG4 Sleek Modern Design

With its distinctive sleek modern design incorporating, amongst other design features, an advanced airflow active grille system to efficiently maximise battery range, and with four regenerative brake settings, you have a car that is excellent value compared to the competition.

The MG4 gives two model trims, SE and Trophy and two battery options; the standard 51kWh battery has a  218-mile range and the SE and Trophy Long Range versions with a 64 Kwh 281-mile range on a single charge. Charge speed is also impressive; with a 10-80% charge on a 150kW rapid charger, the standard range battery is 39mins, and the Long range is 35mins.**and a top speed of 99mph.

The Hatchback gives plenty of legroom for five adults, lots of internal storage, and a generous boot space without compromising the stylish lines of the exterior.

Stylish Interior

The contemporary interior also includes a host of intelligent technology like the 10.25” touchscreen infotainment system, iSmart connectivity with wireless mobile phone charging, satellite navigation, and Apple and Android CarPlay. The new MG Pilot gives you an array of driving aids which will assist the driver experience, like safety detection systems and Adaptive Cruise control.

The Trophy Long Range version gives you a 360 Parking Camera, Heated Front Seats and Steering Wheel, and Bluetooth Key.

Excellent Value

When value for money is the hot topic at the moment, you get a lot for the price of the MG4, including a decent range with quick charging times and an electric car that is stylish, comfortable, spacious, and for the driver, fun to drive.

There are many things to consider, but one of the biggest decisions is buying or leasing. A personal contract hire (PCH) could be the best option if you’re leaning towards leasing. Here are some benefits of choosing PCH.

No better time to Lease an MG4

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Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about selling the car when you no longer want it. With an outright purchase, you’ll need to find a buyer and haggle over the price, but with a PCH, you can simply hand the car back to the leasing company at the end of the term and start looking for your next lease car. (subject to terms of the lease)

There are also some other great benefits of choosing a PCH deal, such as a low initial payment and the ability to personalise your lease to suit your needs. Plus, with so many different models available on lease, you can generally get a higher-specification car for your budget. So if you’re considering leasing your next car, be sure to check out the best Tilsun Leasing PCH deals on offer. Check out our available MG4 leasing deals; they are excellent value.

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Excerpts from the original article MG4 Trophy Long Range: long-term test review

Charging time applies to a 64kWh battery using a 150kW public rapid charger.