7 01, 2013

Are You Paying an Arm and a Leg for Your Parking?

Figures recently released suggest that many of us are paying an arm and a leg to park our cars. There seem to be two different situations in which you will pay a small fortune for the undeniable pleasure of leaving your […]

17 12, 2012

Freelander Black and White special editions launched

Santa is on his way… but Land Rover are hoping the launch of their latest Freelander Black and White special editions will see a brief uplift in sales. The Freelander Black and White And, generally, their special editions sell out quickly […]

22 11, 2012

Drink driving loophole closed

Right-minded motorists everywhere will be pleased with today’s announcement from the Department for Transport which plans to remove the statutory right to a blood or urine test for drink drivers. It will make it much easier for police to arrest […]

15 11, 2012

Pitfalls to Avoid When Car Leasing

Look before you lease Some lease deals don’t deliver. Here’s why: On the surface, leasing a car has many benefits over buying a new model outright. Not only do motorists get to drive away a shiny new vehicle, they do […]

16 10, 2012

Will Google Help The Search For Stress-free Motoring?

Will road rage become a thing of the past? Cars and technology have always gone together like motorists and road rage. But, could the latest advances signal the end of stress-fuelled journeys and white knuckles on steering wheels? Self-driving cars […]

11 10, 2012

How Vehicle Leasing Can Help You Step Up a Gear

Vehicle Leasing Could Be Your Answer In An Unstable Economy Vehicle Leasing in London is becoming an increasingly popular option for individual motorists and businesses who want to save money and get their finances into gear in these cash-conscious times. […]