Cost of Living Crisis,  Affording a Car

Acquiring the use of an affordable  car during tough economic times may feel like a daunting task. Yet, despite the financial burden that comes with owning a car, reliable transportation is essential. 

Fortunately, there are several strategies and factors to consider that can help individuals and families obtain and maintain a vehicle without exceeding their budget. This article provides practical advice on how to make car ownership affordable during challenging times.

Define Your Mobility Needs

Before diving into obtaining a car, it’s crucial to assess your actual transportation needs. Do you need a car for daily commuting, occasional trips, or emergencies? Determining the frequency and purpose of car usage will help you decide the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle. Opting for a smaller, fuel-efficient car instead of a larger, luxury vehicle can significantly cut costs. Do you need to own the car or do you just need access to one?

Set a Budget

Creating a budget is crucial when buying a car, as it helps in assessing not just the vehicle’s initial cost but also the recurring expenses like fuel, insurance, maintenance, and possible financing. Financial experts recommend spending no more than 15-20% of your monthly income on car-related expenses to maintain financial stability. 

Research Thoroughly

It’s important to take your time researching various car models and their associated costs. You should compare prices online from different dealerships and brokers and explore both new and used options. 

Buying a used car is a popular option when looking to save money on a vehicle. However, it is important to ensure that a trusted mechanic thoroughly inspects the car before making the purchase. 

Another option to consider is leasing, which provides the opportunity to have a new car every time with the added benefit of a warranty. 

Financing Wisely

When financing a car, it’s crucial to research and compare various financing options and interest rates for loans. It’s advisable to opt for a shorter loan term as longer terms may lead to lower monthly payments but higher interest costs overall. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider your monthly budget and ensure that you can afford the monthly payments before finalising a loan or a lease agreement. 

Consider the Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning a car goes beyond the purchase price. Insurance premiums, fuel efficiency, maintenance, and potential repair costs should all be factored in when assessing the affordability of a car. Some cars have a lower upfront cost but higher ongoing expenses, so consider the total cost of ownership over time.

Leasing is an excellent option to cover all costs. Of a car. Fully inclusive maintenance contracts covering routine servicing, Tyres bulbs all for one fixed monthly payment.

Explore Alternatives

Sometimes, there may be more cost-effective options than owning a car. Alternatives like car-sharing services, public transportation, biking, or ridesharing might be more economical depending on your location and transportation needs. Evaluate these options and determine if they could be a viable solution for your situation.


Don’t hesitate to haggle or ask for discounts when negotiating a car’s purchase or lease price. Be well-informed about the car’s market value you’re interested in to ensure a fair deal. Additionally, consider shopping during promotional periods or at the end of the month or quarter, when dealerships are looking to clear paid-for stock., or realise targets.

Don’t despair if you don’t get a further reduction, sometimes because of market pressures and the internet competitiveness that the price advertised is the very best available, no harm in asking though!

Regular Maintenance 

Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your car and prevent costly repairs down the road. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and promptly addressing any issues is important to avoid unexpected expenses. 

When leasing a car there is usually a competitive maintenance contract available that covers all routine servicing and perishable item like tyres and exhausts. Paid monthly this would cover all unexpected bills for todays fixed price.


While an affordable car during tight financial times can present challenges, careful planning and informed decision-making can make the process more manageable.

You can make a wise and financially responsible choice by defining your needs, setting a budget, conducting thorough research, and exploring alternatives.

Remember that a car is an investment, and choosing the right vehicle while considering the long-term costs can help you navigate tight times without sacrificing your financial stability.


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Can I still lease a an affordable petrol car?

Yes, you can. They are still the most popular type of car. New petrol and diesel cars are not subject to ULEZ charges (at the moment, 2023)

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