Tesla launches new Model 3

The new version of the Tesla Model 3, referred to as ‘Project Highland’ internally, has been eagerly anticipated since hints were released in late 2022.

After six years of massive success with two million units sold worldwide, Tesla has updated the Model 3 with improved styling, increased range, and upgraded features.

After generating a fanatical public discourse surrounding numerous spy shots and speculations, the new Tesla Model 3 has become one of the year’s most anticipated electric vehicles.

Sleeker Design

The new Tesla Model 3 has a sharper and edgier front end design compared to its predecessor. It features a redesigned front and rear, with a newly designed headlamp housing and signature LED daytime running lights.

The crease at the edge of the bonnet, which used to taper off under the headlamps, is now more defined and extends to the wings and front impact area.

Tesla said it has improved its aerodynamics to extract more range and to reduce drag and wind noise.

The car’s side profile has remained unchanged, but its rear end now has new wraparound C-shaped taillights. The Tesla logo has been replaced with the brand’s name written between the lights.

Additionally, two new colours, Ultra Red and Stealth Gray, will be added to the car’s lineup. (TBC for the UK market).

Rear view of Tesla new Model 3
Side View of Tesla new Model 3

Upmarket interior for New Tesla

The 2024 Model 3 has undergone significant upgrades to its interior, which have resulted in a more luxurious and personalised driving experience.

The car now boasts improved material quality, a redesigned dashboard, and an innovative ambient lighting strip that runs from the front of the car and into the doors.

With the ability to produce over 200 colour combinations, the lighting system offers a unique and customisable touch to the vehicle’s interior.

In addition to the improved lighting system, Tesla has covered the dashboard of the 2024 Model 3 with a softer, fabric-like material that faces upwards, giving the car a more refined and comfortable feel.

The air vents have also been upgraded and are now more prominent, ensuring optimal air circulation throughout the car. Passengers can now turn off the vent on their side of the car to maximise driving range, providing a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly ride.

Interior view of Tesla's new Model 3 dog sitting in ambient temperature

The car’s updated interior now includes a newly designed steering wheel that is rounded and has touch-sensitive indicators in place of stalks.

The car’s Smart Shift drive selection can be managed either automatically through the touchscreen or manually.

The cabin layout remains uncluttered, and the glass roof is still present. They have improved the central 15.4-inch touchscreen, and the rear passengers can now use an 8.0-inch touchscreen located behind the center console to control the rear air vents, watch videos, and play games.

New Centre Consul on Tesla new Model 3

Quieter and more comfortable New Tesla Model 3

The cabin is now quieter thanks to improved materials and acoustic glass.T

Tesla upgraded the Model 3 with a new wheel design, tyres, and an improved bonnet to reduce wind noise by 30%, impact noises by 25%, and road noise by 20%.

The new springs, dampers, bushings, and tyres specifically designed for the Model 3 have also enhanced the car’s comfort.

New Tesla Model 3 Longer Range

The updated RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) Model 3 with 18-inch wheels is estimated to achieve a WLTP range of 344 miles, while the LR (Long Range) variant is expected to reach a range of 421 miles.

This represents an increase of approximately 11 to 12 percent over the current models’ WLTP range of 305 and 374 miles, respectively.

The RWD Model 3 can travel up to 319 miles on a single charge on the WLTP cycle, while the LR version can go up to 391 miles , both with the optional 19-inch “Nova” wheels (UK Spec not confirmed)

The performance figures for both models remain the same, with the RWD variant taking 6.1 seconds and the LR all-wheel-drive variant taking 4.4 seconds to reach 0-62 mile-per-hour.

Munich Auto Show 5-8th September 2023

Tesla announced its launch days before the Munich auto show, where German automakers are expected to announce a run of new EVs. Those include a new version of the Volkswagen ID.7 and a new electric CLA model from Mercedes MBG.

*UK Pricing and performance data for the new Model 3 has not been published

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