The new all-electric Volvo EX90 unveiled

This is the excellent, all-electric contract hire Volvo EX90 which has seven seats and raises the bar for safety standards in the segment and will be hugely attractive for those drivers wanting a sustainable lifestyle.

Volvo also says that the new car represents a new era for them as they gear up for delivering all-electric cars in future.

The firm says that by 2030, only battery-powered Volvo’s will be available, and they will be climate-neutral by 2040.

The new SUV has a battery range of 373 miles, and it is packed with cutting-edge technology and various efficiencies. The battery can be recharged to 80% of capacity in less than 30 minutes.

Power in the Volvo XC90 car lease model

The power in the Volvo XC90 car lease model utilises all-wheel drive and the 111kWh battery offers drivers 517hp with 910 Nm of torque via the twin motors.

The new car also features a new chassis to deliver smooth and rewarding driving experiences.

The new model is made up of 25% of recycled aluminium, 15% of recycled steel, along with 48 kg of recycled bio and plastic materials. That’s about 15% of plastics used in the car.

The EX90 is also another available to drivers that offers bi-direction charging so you could use it to power your home or even another electric Volvo car.

The new all-electrical contract hire Volvo EX90 hails the start of a new era for the car maker.

EX90 also features more safety equipment

The EX90 also features more safety equipment than other cars from the same stable.

Volvo says that there is an invisible shield of protective technology both outside and inside the car.

These include radars, cameras and lidar, which is 3D laser scanning for the road ahead.

Whether it is night or day when travelling, the systems will operate at all speeds and react more quickly than drivers can or will do.

XC90 features more sustainable lifestyle items

The new XC90 features more sustainable lifestyle items and extensive in-house developed software will run the battery management, infotainment and safety systems.

Essentially, Volvo says that its new EX90 isn’t just a vehicle, it’s really a very advanced computer on four wheels.

Plus, they say the car will improve over time thanks to planned over-the-air software updates.

Interior features include a 14.5-inch central display screen with a range of Google services and apps. There’s also Google maps for the satnav and all apps are available for downloading.

Volvo is also adding a standard 5G connection, where the service is available, to enjoy intuitive navigation and for quick installation of apps.

There’s no doubt that the new contract hire Volvo EX90 is an impressive battery-powered car, and it is bound to be a popular choice, particularly with the level of technology and safety onboard, and the impressive levels of recycling and sustainability makes this a striking addition to the segment.