New Mercedes A-Class is available to lease

The all-new contract hire Mercedes A-Class has been unveiled and it is likely to be a popular choice among drivers.

Prices start at £31,880 for the entry-level petrol aversion, the A 180 Sport Executive Hatchback.

Engines for the all-new A-Class include a choice of diesel and petrol engines, along with a mild-hybrid offering that adds 14 hp of power.

The plug-in hybrid adds practicality and performance available in the A 250 e Hatchback or the Saloon.

The new contract hire Mercedes A-Class has been unveiled and it features a wide range of improvements.

Mercedes A-Class car lease range

Drivers of the Mercedes A-Class car lease range also get the choice of a seven-or eight-speed DCT automatic gearbox, depending on the choice of engine.

Also, depending on the model, the A-Class has either an innovative belt-driven starter or the choice of the RSG offering, which will also top-up the battery.

The RSG, Mercedes says, delivers a smoother and more comfortable driving experience with a quieter start up process than a conventional starter. The system will also switch off the engine to allow ‘sailing’ and steady cruising to boost fuel economy.

The firm’s latest MBUX infotainment system

Technology for the new A-Class includes the firm’s latest MBUX infotainment system as well as a virtual assistant, ‘Hey Mercedes’.

Drivers also get to enjoy cutting edge telematics and satnav and there’s also a fingerprint scanner onboard.

The A-Class is also smartphone compatible and there are USB-C charging ports.

The premium versions have heads-up display and the 360° parking package, as well as the MBUX interior system.

These models also have new display graphics which can be tailored to a driver’s needs on the 10.25-inch screen.

Various exterior upgrades

There are also various exterior upgrades, including new rear and front LED lights, new styling and wheel choices.

The engines for the new A-Class include a 1.3-litre petrol engine, or a 2.0-litre diesel unit.

The power outputs range from 136 hp for the entry-level version, 163 hp for the A 200 Hatchback and 150 hp for the diesel engine.

The mild hybrid offering adds 14 hp to the petrol engines but is not available for the diesel unit.

Torque for the engines range from 230Nm to 320Nm in the diesel unit.

For those thinking of leasing the new A-Class as a company car, the CO2 emissions range from 133g/km for the petrol engines, and 128g/km for the diesel engine.

The new contract hire Mercedes A-Class is a stylish and well-designed offering in a competitive segment and as a small car leasing choice, there’s a lot to recommend it.