New Tesla Comfort Suspension

Tesla Model Y in the countryside.

Harvey D 21/03/23

Tesla CEO Elon Musk in tweeted in October that the Tesla non-performance range of cars will have improved comfort suspension. This is without affecting handling, so an official announcement is being eagerly anticipated. 

Customers, particularly passengers, have criticized the suspension of the vehicle for being uncomfortable. To address this, the 2023 model was optimised, specifically by improving its elastic and damping components. Making the ride more comfortable.

It turns out Tesla China has been quietly rolling out the new suspension improvements at its Giga Shanghai on Model Y for about two months; It looks like the Model Y Long Range version has also been fitted with an upgraded suspension system

After widespread criticism from customers, especially passengers, the suspension has been improved to make the vehicle’s ride more comfortable. This was accomplished by optimising the elastic and damping components of the 2023 model.

With the improvements in place, it appears that the popular Long Range Model Y will now be able to better handle bumps at low speeds and enable a more stable ride at high speeds.

With no official announcement about the update, Tesla fans have turned to China’s Weibo social media, for information.

Aapparently, it seems the suspension vibration frequency has also been adjusted so that passengers do not feel as queasy in the vehicle. 

Model Y will likely become even more popular among consumers in China. With such a change in China, it is unevatable it will happen in the US and other markets in Europe.

Customers may also wonder if a retrofit upgrade option can be considered.

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