Electric SUVs of the future.

The speed at which car manufacturers are launching new EVs could make your head spin. And the considerable switch over to electric has led manufacturers to become creative with their upcoming EVs – to stand out in such a competitive sector. We look below at some of the latest and greatest to be arriving on our UK shores soon. So, let’s find out who has the best detachable Bluetooth speaker and precisely what ‘California Mode’ is!

Oh, and you’ll notice there is an SUV theme. As everyone is going mad for SUVs, the manufacturers seem intent on offering their latest EV’s in a bigger model. Which suits everyone, as we all like a bit of practicality, right? Mix in some luxury, silent green motoring, and you should have an extremely lovely motor. So without further ado, we bring you the UK’s most hotly anticipated new EV SUVs. Now, where is that charger?

BMW IX1 Car Leasing

BMW IX1 driving on a country road.

Battery Size – 65kWh

Estimated Range – 257 WLTP Combined

Recently launched, the new X1 is now electrified. Another compact electric SUV, you ask? Yes. But you forgot the ‘premium’ bit. Only too aware of the vast competition, BMW has done its utmost to make the IX1 as individual as possible. And stand out it is. One of the most refined interiors we have seen in almost any new electric car. It oozes class with stunning inlays, beautifully trimmed leather upholstery, premium switch gear and soft-touch leather. Everywhere you look is high-end. The exterior is similar, with all sharp angles and a butch stance, but with a very smart floating effect tailgate on the rear and distinctive rear LED angular taillights. The battery will be a 65 kWh unit, allowing a range of up to 247 miles on the WLTP combined cycle. All vehicles will have two motors, with a total output of 313ps, meaning a swift dash to sixty of only 5.7 seconds.

Volvo XC90

Battery Size – 100kWh (estimated)

Range – 300 Miles (estimated)

The successor to the internal-combustion Volvo XC90 has big boots to fill. A favourite for families that need a proper seven-seat vehicle that can handle all terrain and offers style and value compared to rivals. Rumours have included an autonomous driving system developed with microchip processor firm Nvidia. Taking this further, with tech developed with Luminor for their lidar radar and sensors will give more advanced autonomous driving features. From what FVL understands, it will be more of a cross-country style wagon style than a fully-fledged SUV. This provides maximum practicality and range while adhering to Volvo’s minimalist design ethos. The battery is mooted to be around 100kWh, offering a usable range of up to 300 miles. Safe to say FVL is looking forward to Volvo’s big EV coming to the UK.

Tesla Cybertruck

Battery Size – We don’t know, but rumours say it could be up to 200kWh. 

Range – Tesla reckons up to 500 miles could be achievable. 

Much has been said about the hotly anticipated electric pick-up truck from Tesla. At 5.87 metres long, it’s a bit of a beast, especially for our UK roads. The styling is outlandish, indeed otherworldly, which marks a move away from Tesla’s other offerings. It promises many innovative features, including 30x cold-rolled steel body panels to keep passengers safe and the body rugged. Super safety glass and a truck bed ramp-up for wheeling things in and out. Of course, the flat-bed isn’t any ordinary flat-bed; for the Cybertruck, it’s known as the vault! Owing to how it will protect your kit while out and about. It will offer varying performance levels, with the option for one, two or three high-efficiency electric motors. The highest performance model will offer a 0-60mph time of under three seconds.

Hyundai Ioniq 7

Battery Size – There could be options, but we hear that from launch, it’s likely to be a 73kWh unit.

Range – Circa 300 miles expected. 

We were ecstatic when we heard about the Ioniq 7. This is mainly because we love the Ioniq 5, as does everyone we talk to. We felt it was one of the first electric models (Tesla and Jaguar I-Pace aside) that truly pursued the idea of an individual EV. Not just something that wasn’t just turned into an EV from an internal combustion car. This meant the Iconic Ionic (sorry, not sorry) 5 had a three-meter wheelbase, a completely flat interior floor, great space and a truly unique exterior. These are just the things you would want from a modern EV, and this is before you look at autonomous driving features and ultra-fast charging. The Ioniq 7, we think, will bring all of this to the table, but with a bigger scale. More practicability but with the futuristic style and innovative thinking that makes the 5 so good. It could be the one to watch very soon.

Kia EV 9

Battery – As with the Hyundai, there will likely be options. There are rumours that the standard 77.4kWh pack from the EV 6 is available from launch. But a larger 100kWh pack for this larger vehicle is also being mooted.

Range – Expect up to 300 miles.

Spotted recently at the Nurburgring in the final throws of a 44-month development, the new fully electric Kia EV 9 is almost ready to break cover! Based on the same E-GMP platform as the Kia EV 6, it will share some of that car’s best bits, like ultra-rapid 800v charging architecture and vehicle-to-load capabilities. But will do so in a much larger seven-seat package. One rumour is that when parked, the front seats will be able to swivel around and face the rear; this is the kind of thing the Koreans have been looking at while designing their EVs. A bit like Hyundais sliding armest block in the Ionic 5. We think it’s very refreshing. And like its Hyundai stable mate (the Ionic 7), it will usher in a new era of larger, more useable seven-seat EVs, which haven’t been that common until now. 

Lotus Eletre Car Leasing

The all new electric Lotus Eletre hyper SUV.

Battery Size – 100kWh

Range – Up to 370 Miles

Lotus is going electric, and being the brand’s first electric vehicle, the Lotus Eletre is also its first SUV. It’s set to be offered in three forms, with even entry-level versions believed to provide at least 592bhp and four-wheel drive. No wonder they’re calling it the world’s first Hyper SUV. A 100kWh battery will be standard, allowing the Eletre to travel up to 370 miles on a charge. And if you do need to stop, charging up to 80% could take as little as 18 minutes if you can find a charging point capable of supplying the Eletre with its maximum rate of 270kW. 

The cars below we spoke about in our practical EV post, but as they are not officially launched yet, here is a little recap.

Audi E-Tron Car Leasing

The current Audi E-Tron Sportback driving through the countryside

Estimated Battery Size – 86.5kWh

Estimated Range – Circa 250 Miles+

Noticeable by its absence in our recent practical EV blog post, as the E-Tron is getting a revamp! One of the best propper dual motor SUVs in size, with a 660-litre boot and 1800Kg towing capacity, should easily place it on our most practical EV list. However, the 50 models had a smaller battery and only suited those doing smaller commutes and with easy access to a charger. Using its latest understanding, Audi aims to fix this. Now renamed the Audi Q8 E-Tron. Allegedly there’s to be a Q6, which would sit between Q4 and Q8, something like the size of the current Q5. If the outgoing E-Tron is anything to go by, we look forward to seeing all of Audi’s legendary SUVs becoming electrified. 

Rivian R1T & R1S

Rivian R1T setting up camp in the desert.

Battery Size – Not confirmed for the UK, but reported offering three packs, between 135kWh, and 180kWh in size. To be offered as standard, long-range and max range.

Estimated Range – As above, depending on the battery pack chosen. Expected electric range to go from 260 miles+ to an impressive 400 miles. 

Our last practical EV post discussed the lightning-quick full-size pick-up truck. With its rechargeable plug-in Bluetooth camp speaker, gear tunnel, four electric motors and a torch (why not?). But we are genuinely excited about its arrival on UK shores. To be honest, it could be a bit big for our UK lanes, but with all the amazing features the Rivian is packing, we’re excited to see what other vehicles Rivian has in store. And, for us, at least, maybe a few smaller models wouldn’t hurt!

Fisker Ocean

The new all electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean.
Fisker Ocean Big Sur Blue Matte in Rabbit Lake; Looking up the sky, shot by Brian White

Battery Size – 100kW

Estimated Range – 315 Miles

Expected to go on sale in Europe by year’s end, the wait is almost over for the fantastic Fisker. Rumoured to be starting from £34’990 means it should be relatively accessible too. It will offer up some genuinely innovative features, real sustainability and proper practicality. Fisker also has some grand plans for future models, including an affordable city EV and an all-electric supercar. We can’t wait. 

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV Car Leasing

The new Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV driving through the desert
Mercedes-EQ. EQS SUV, Exterieur, Fahraufnahme, Diamantweiß, AMG Line Mercedes-EQ. EQS SUV, exterior, driving shot, diamond white, AMG Line

Battery Size – 108.4kWh

Estimated Range – Depends on the model you choose, from 450, 450+ and 580. Early estimates show that any model in the range should be capable of roughly 300 miles.

In a word, luxury. Lots of it. Not only do you get all the benefits of a world-renowned S-Class, but now it’s in SUV form, can come with seven seats and is whisper, whisper, quiet. If this doesn’t prove the popularity of electric SUVs, we don’t know what does! You had me at hello.

Polestar 3 Car Leasing

The new Polestar 3 over looking the ocean.

Battery Size – 111kWh (107kWh useable)

Range – Long Range model circa 370 Miles, performance pack will offer less.

We have waxed lyrical on the Polestar 2 and Polestar’s environmental mission a lot. Leading the way in sustainability and providing class-leading products in a very competitive space. This new iteration, the Polestar 3 should further add to their wonderful offering; with more space and power on offer, it should be one to watch out for. 

There you have it, our take on the most exciting and practical EVs coming soon. Check out our EV leasing deals and electric SUV and Estate car leasing deals for more info.