12 06, 2023

AI Cars, Innovations and Future Trends

Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Vehicles Augmented Reality Energy Generating Panels Airless Tyres Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Recycled interiors AI Cars AI Cars stands for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to developing and deploying computer systems or machines that can perform tasks that typically require […]

14 04, 2023

Hands Off, Ford gets approval – Fords BlueCruise

Fords BlueCruise – UK government ministers have approved Fords BlueCruise® “hands off, eyes on” technology for certain UK motorways. The Technology is available on Fords flagship model Mustang Mach-E SUV; and can control steering acceleration and braking as well as […]

5 04, 2023

Petrol Cars – Can I still drive my petrol car after 2030 ?

Can I buy a used petrol car after 2030? What Happened to Electric Vehicle Grants? Are More Charge Points Needed? Company, Car Tax Incentive. Vehicle Manufacturer’s Commitments What about a Hybrid? Scrappage scheme? I live in a Flat How Do […]