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Land Rover Defender Review, Specs & Performance

The swiss army knife of SUV’s.

The Land Rover Defender can do it all and in its own very unique way. Land Rover have taken their time to create something truly special with the new Defender and have literally left no stone un-turned when doing so. 

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Overview of the Land Rover Defender


For those looking for a rugged SUV with ultimate off-road capability, for transporting the family, work-a-day or sporting pursuits that also has decent manners around town then the Land Rover Defender is for you. Designed anew from the ground up, the capable nature of the new Defender shines through inside and out.

Initially, the engine line-up will consist of two diesel units and two petrol. With a plug-in hybrid rumoured to launch sometime in 2020.
Both Diesel units are four-cylinder lumps and are called the D200 and the D240. They both offer 317lb ft of torque and can average 37.2mpg. The D200’s output is 197bhp and can cover the 0-62mph dash in 10.3 secs. The D240’s power is 237bhp and can do the same dash in 9.7 secs.
For the petrol engines we have a four-cylinder P300 and a six-cylinder P400. The P300 comes with 296bhp and can 62mph in 8.1 secs whereas the P400 has 396bhp and also packs some mild-hybrid technology to give a torque figure of 406lb ft and a 0-62mph time of 6.4secs.
Land Rover know only too well that a lot of people will choose the Defender for its towing and off-road capabilities. This is why this new model has a class leading wading depth of 900mm, an approach angle of some 38 degrees (and 40 degree departure angle) and can tow up to a whopping 3500kgs.
Four wheel drive on the Defender is permanent and Land Rover offer air sprung (standard on the 110, optional on the 90) and coil spring suspension, locking centre differential and active rear locking differential too.

Available in a three door short-wheel base (the 90) and a five door long-wheel base (the 110) the body structure for the new Defender is 95% new. The company says it’s the stiffest body they have ever produced. Not only this but they have also tested the vehicle beyond the limits of any other vehicle they produced, ensuring that it remains an excellent companion for many good years to come.
Off-road the Defender offers up to three stages of throttle and gearbox sensitivity to give the driver more control. In addition, Terrain Response employs electronic aids at differing intensities depending on the ground it comes across. This can be selected in a manual setting or just left on automatic.
When driven on the road that stiff chassis and excellent suspension cossets the passengers with a supple ride, Land Rover have also extensively tested the on-road feel as well as the off-road capability. The vehicle covering some 1.2 million miles in testing.
In terms of equipment Land Rover have thought about everything, the options list is exhausting to say the least. From portable wash systems, different off-road features, all kinds of protection, external storage, pet packs, electronic winch, roof rack systems and a tent coming for the roof you’ll not be left wanting.
The range goes through the standard Defender to the S, SE, HSE, First Edition and X Models. These as you’d expect, become more luxurious as you reach the top specs, bringing features such as more cameras, panoramic roofs and larger wheels. For the seating arrangements you opt for the standard 5 seats setup, or an unusual 6 seat option with a ‘jump’ seat in the front where the armrest would be, or a conventional 7 seat option with two fold out seats in the boot. Just to demonstrate the customisable nature of the Defender, you can also take the front armrest away on certain models to have a ‘walk through’ feature letting you go from front to back with ease, ideal should you find yourself sleeping the rear! Then from here you can choose from four accessory pack, Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban – all giving their own unique Defender. This gives a good insight into who Land Rover think who will be buying their new Defender.

The all new Land Rover Defender really is the swiss army knife of modern motor vehicles. Whether you need one for work-a-day pursuits, humanitarian aid, peace-keeping, family life or just adventuring across the tundra they really have got you covered.

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Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender in a nutshell

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