The worst car to drive if you want to impress a date

Mercedes C-Class

The new Mercedes C-Class

If you wanted to make a positive impression on a first date, what car would you drive? Something expensive and prestigious? A fast, sporty coupe? Or something that sets you out as practical and responsible?

A new survey from Europcar has found that a third of motorists would opt for a prestige car to make a great first impression while just one in 100 people would turn up in an estate car. Keep reading to find out more…

1 per cent of people would drive an estate car on a first date

The study revealed that the practical estate car, while perfect for lots of jobs, is far from the car of choice to create a lasting impression on a first date.

Just 1 in 100 people (1 per cent) who responded to the survey said they would choose an estate car when looking to drive a car for a special day, with women put off by the practicality of estates.

The poll found that prestige vehicles, such as a Mercedes Benz, topped the list for the car to make the best impression at 32 per cent. The street-appeal of sports cars and coupes also made them a top choice to impress for more than 1 in 5 motorists.

Prestige and luxury cars are often some of the best models to drive under a car lease or contract hire agreement. Because they tend to hold their value better it can make the monthly payments more affordable than other models, meaning you can afford to drive a more luxurious model than you might expect.

According to the Europcar research, younger drivers are particularly concerned about driving the right car with almost a quarter (23 per cent) of 25-34 year olds saying the car someone drives is important when meeting a potential partner.

However, romance isn’t dead with almost half (49 per cent) of respondents admitting that the first thing they usually notice about someone on a first date is their smile – not the car they lease.

“Although we make judgements about people every day, this is magnified on a first date” said Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group.   “But our research suggests that a winning smile and a set of Prestige wheels with wow factor could make sure there’s a good chance of a second date!”

Revealed: which region thinks the car you drive is most important on a first date

When it comes to making a lasting impression on a potential partner, the research found that over 1 in 4 women prefer the space and celebrity appeal of a limo, whilst a quarter of men opt for the thrill and instant cool factor of a sports car.

Regionally, it is drivers in the North East who believe the car someone drives is important at 44 per cent, compared to just 16 per cent of motorists living in the East of the country.

Londoners (35 per cent), those from the North West (34 per cent) and the South East (32 per cent) also thought the set of wheels was important for making a good first impression.

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