Classic Volvo Fan and Feeling Bored?

Then there’s a man in Poland just like you! This man – his name is unknown to me – owns a couple of classic Volvo’s, but apparently these do not manage to fully satisfy his Volvo Love.

The man has a website called (part of it is available in English), where he shows his Volvos, a 1971 142 R-Sport, a 1992 245 TiC (nicknamed ‘Sleeper’, clearly because it looks all ‘football-mum’ but goes like stink) and a 1980 262c Bertone, and 1988 Saab 900 Turbo convertible. (I’ve included pictures of the 142 and 245.) Clearly a man with a love for Swedish cars!

Apart from taking good care on his cars, the man also spent time on another car hobby: making a paper-craft model, scaled 1:25, of a Volvo 240 station wagon. You know, that’s the one sometimes referred to as a ‘brick’, because objectively it looks like one, especially in red. Anyway, the good news is: now you can build the model too!

The man is selling a booklet for only $12.90 (or about £8.25) and another six bucks for shipping on eBay, that allows you to make the exact same model. It features a bunch of pages with cut-along-the-lines building blocks, full explanation in English and Polish and detailed instructions on how to put the model together. I haven’t tried it, but it looks as if a kid could do it!

The most amazing part about the 240 model is the level of detail. It’s of the last years of the car’s production span (1986 to 1993) and you can choose to build most of the versions that were available on the market. For example, you have to option to build it with left-hand or right-hand side drive, black or silver finishing, triple or quadruple stitch upholstery,  a manual or automatic gearbox, manual or electric windows, with or without air conditioning and a whole bunch of different rims. The only thing you cannot seem to choose is the color of the exterior; it’s always red.

This package seems to be well suitable for any car-freak kid above the age of ten, so it may be an idea to give it as a present to someone in your family. Or perhaps you can use your son’s birthday as an excuse to buy it and then put it together yourself!

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