Masked Vigilantes Rule the Streets of London

One of the things I most miss about driving in the UK is the fact that people used to flash their lights at me to warn that there were traffic cops or some other undesirable hazard further along the road.

Here in South America when someone flashes their lights at you it generally means that you have a couple of seconds to get out of their way because they ain’t going to stop.

Now, it seems that some British motorists have gone a step further than issuing gentle warning flashes of their lights.

Bald Eagle, Parking Warrior and Coco are the people who are behind this latest craze and while their names make them sound like 3 of the members of a particularly sad boy band, they could do you a big favour.

Boring Jobs, Crazy Guys

notroDuring the week they are normal people who do boring jobs like auditor and stuff like that. However, when Saturday night comes along they put on their masks and head out to the crazy streets of London town. What they then do is look for CCTV cars which could fine drivers. They then warn nearby drivers that they could get caught by said CCTV car.

That’s right folks, these are modern day vigilantes.  They are called the NoTo Mob  – which kind of takes up back to the boy band concept again – and they don’t want to see other motorists hit with what they see as unfair fines. It seems that the motorists they help out have been known to wantonly hug them in thanks.

They even claimed that the CCTV cars sometimes turn round and go home when they see the NoTo Mob doing their thang. I must admit to being mildly disturbed by this story but I just can’t put my finger on the reason why. Anyway, if you see the Mob around the streets of London anytime soon then give them a hug on my behalf.

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