Are You Paying an Arm and a Leg for Your Parking?

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Figures recently released suggest that many of us are paying an arm and a leg to park our cars. There seem to be two different situations in which you will pay a small fortune for the undeniable pleasure of leaving your car at the side of the road…

Firstly, if you live in London then the cost of parking is around £600 each year made up by a mixture of parking meters, permits and fines.

Secondly, according to the statistics, if you live in a council which is run by Conservatives then you will probably pay more in parking fees than those motorists who live in Labour areas. Unless you listen to the Conservatives, who say that Labour are “hiking parking charges”.

Now, I am not going to get all political here because, quite frankly, it is the most boring subject in the world as far as I am concerned. The only time politics has interested me is when Spitting Image used to entertain me with its satires and silly songs.

Hypocrites, Cover Ups and Price Hikers

Anyway, someone called Eric Pickles is something called the Communities Secretary and he called the amount of parking revenue currently earned in the UK as the “great cash cow cover up”, which is a great name for a heavy metal album when you think about it. He also called it a “shopping tax”, which is a less memorable album name if we are being honest.

Hilary Benn, the Shadow Local something or other said that the Tories are “imposing much higher charges”. Someone called Brandon Lewis then called Mr Benn a “grade A hypocrite”. So there is a lot of dignified debating going on around the subject then and we can expect a speedy resolution which satisfies the general public.

The most expensive area in the survey is Westminster at over £637 and the cheapest is Redbridge at under £80.

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