28 01, 2013

Sporty Kia Cee’d coming soon

Look what’s coming from Kia! It’s the new GT version of the popular Cee’d which will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The new Pro_cee’d  (Gedddit?) and the Cee’d GT are the most performance-focussed produced by […]

15 11, 2012

Pitfalls to Avoid When Car Leasing

Look before you lease Some lease deals don’t deliver. Here’s why: On the surface, leasing a car has many benefits over buying a new model outright. Not only do motorists get to drive away a shiny new vehicle, they do […]

26 06, 2012


I’m thinking overpriced pastries, emergency caviar and small dogs with ribbons on their heads as the payload. I doubt any self-respecting courier, carpenter or contractor will buy one. I doubt even Mini’s own service teams will use them. But still […]