Spec revealed for new diesel-powered Mazda CX-60

The order books have now opened for the contract hire Mazda CX-60 D which will begin arriving early next year in the UK.

The SUV features an all-new powerful and clean Skyactiv diesel engine which will be available in three variants.

The engine will appear first in the CX-60 before being made available in other models.

The six-cylinder 3.3-litre unit uses pre-mixed compression ignition technology which helps make the engine one of the cleanest diesels available in the world.

The order books have opened for the diesel-powered contract hire Mazda CX-60.

Mazda CX-60 D car leasing range

There’s a choice of two power outputs for the engine for the Mazda CX-60 D car leasing range with drivers having either 200 ps for the rear-wheel drive model, or in the all-wheel drive version, the power is 254 ps.

There’s also a new hybrid boost system to help improve fuel economy.

Mazda says the new engine will return around 57 mpg with emissions of just 129g/km in the rear-wheel drive version – which makes it very attractive for company car drivers.

Other variants will see fuel economy of 53 mpg, with emissions of 137g/km.

Range of packs available

Prices for the new model start at £42,990 with a range of packs available including a driver assistance pack and a comfort pack.

Mazda also reveals that the new engine will be very quiet and offers smooth performance with an engaging sound.

The firm is also saying that while the PHEV version of the CX-60 will be the UK’s most popular choice, for those wanting fuel economy and an impressive diesel engine, the new diesel-powered model will also prove to be popular.

Mazda says its entire range will be carbon neutral by 2050 and over the next three years there will be five new electric cars to choose from.

Next year sees the launch of its new CX-80

Indeed, next year sees the launch of its new CX-80 which is larger than the CX-60 with three rows of seats.

The new engine also delivers great towing capacity and for those wanting efficient, long-distance driving, then the diesel engine will meet their needs.

Mazda also says that at some point, a 3.0-litre e-Skyactiv petrol engine will join the line-up, alongside the D and the PHEV, so those wanting to lease a stylish car will have a full complement of powertrains to choose from.

There’s no doubt that the Mazda CX-60 diesel car lease model is a sound choice, particularly for company car drivers or for those racking up lots of motorway miles, and the contract hire deals should be checked out.