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    Volkswagen ID2-All

    The ID 2-all from Volkswagen is on it's way. The cheaper more compact electric Volkswagen promises great things. We take a closer look to find out what's in store from the Wolfsburg brand. 

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Volkswagen ID2-All At a glance

The ID 2-all is officially a near-concept car; it is to be built on a shortened version of the ID 3‘s VW’s MEB platform and is similar in size to the VW Polo VW's—Front-wheel drive as opposed to the ID 3, which is rear-wheel drive.

VW ID2-All review sections

Volskwagen ID2-All Powertrain

VW say, “powered by a powerful electric drive motor “, the ID 2-all will have an output of 220HP (166 kW, 226 PS) 0-60mph should be under 7 seconds.
Even though the car may not be available until early 2025, VW has confirmed that the battery pack will come in two sizes a 38kWh and 56kWh we should give the VW EV a range of 280 miles for the larger pack and DC charging from 10 to 80% is anticipated to be around 20 minutes thanks to 125 kW charging capacity.
The target price of the ID2 is to be around  £22,000, significantly lower than any of its current rivals.

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One of the reasons why the electric motor has moved to drive the front wheels of the new ID 2 is to give a spacious high, quality appearance to the interior of the ID 2 and emphasise the high quality that VW customers have been used to.
Recently VW interior standards have dropped from a high bar with the other ID range of cars, but ID2 acknowledges those shortcomings. The 12.9 “infotainment screen has been designed from scratch with more straightforward menus and graphics.  Traditional volume control and an air conditioning control panel which feature illuminated buttons, replace the poor slider controls fitted to previous VWs.
Scroll dials and two buttons have replaced the unpopular steering wheel controls; there is also an ergonomically pleasing Rotary dial on the centre console to help navigate through and control features on the infotainment screen, and it can change the layout of the driver display.
The 10.9” digital driver display is also new, and unlike the other ID models, it is no longer mounted onto the steering column itself but on the dashboard next to the infotainment screen.


One element of the new design of the ID 2 that VW are keen to emphasise is the C- pillar design, first developed for the Golf. The I D2 is the first Volkswagen with a new interpretation of this C-pillar signature design.
The other key is to ensure the car has a nice friendly face with good proportions and timeless elegance.

From the outside, the sleek lines of the ID 2 feature hidden rear door handles behind the rear window, as well as a thin LED light bar at the front and rear of the car, and the rear badges, are illuminated red to blend in with the taillights.

A good move by VW is that the ID 2 looks like a return to a more traditional VW hatchback, more recognisable to a Golf or Polo.

ID2 is 405 cm long, slightly shorter than the current polo, but the 260 cm wheelbase is significantly longer, so this means that while it might not take up much room on the road, this five-seat small electric car has impressive interior space.

With a flat floor throughout, there is a storage compartment under the rear seats with enough room for the charging cables and a couple of bags.
The boot has 440 litres of capacity, and flattening the rear seats increases the space to 1,330 litres with a rear seat split of 60/40; on top of all this, ID2 also has an extra luggage compartment under the boot floor.

Taking the next steps

If the all new ID2 All is for you, we can help. With over 24 years of experience under our belt and BVRLA approved, we are fully equipped to assist you with your leasing requirements. Just choose your preferred model and leasing terms, then give us a call on 0333 00 333 25, and we'll take care of the rest.

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