New Volvo XC90 revealed

The all-new Volvo VC-90.

The all-new Volvo VC-90. Click for hi-res image

Volvo has finally taken the wraps off its all new XC90 to reveal its full spec and price list.

The original Volvo XC90 made its debut in 2002 and the new model goes on sale next spring.

There’s no doubt that Volvo has created a large premium SUV which is better than the model it replaces and a worthy contender to the offerings of Audi and BMW.

Handling and economy for the Volvo XC90

The car is officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October and car fans will see for themselves that it is packed with technology and safety features.

Indeed, the Volvo XC90 will become one of the safest and economical SUV’s available when deliveries start next April.

There’s also more space on board and even the rear seats in this seven-seater will allow an adult to sit there comfortably.

The new model is also stronger and lighter than its previous versions to help improve fuel economy.

Safety features for the new Volvo XC90

Underneath the bonnet there are new petrol and diesel engines, all of them will be 2.0litre four-cylinder variants and will make up the new Drive-E line.

Volvo is also offering its XC90 in a plug-in hybrid version which will produce 390bhp thanks to its petrol engine and electric motor.

With it being a new Volvo, it goes without saying that there are new safety features including two world firsts.

The first is an off-road system that will tighten seatbelts when it detects that the car has left the tarmac and is driving across more challenging surfaces.

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There’s also an auto braking feature should the driver pull out into oncoming traffic and needs to stop suddenly.

All of the safety features underline the carmaker’s commitment to producing cars in which no one is killed or injured.

Prices for the Volvo XC90 start at £45,785 for Momentum D5 AWD model and begin with only all-wheel drive models will be available with a front wheel drive version coming next September.

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