New Mercedes C Class Coupe takes a bow

There’s a new Coupe being added to the Mercedes C Class family which offers elegance and a dynamic driving performance.

The Coupe has a dynamically configured chassis which offers lots of comfort while driving though there’s also the option of air suspension. The new car also has sound insulation which effectively eliminates road noise.

Despite its size, Mercedes has used lightweight construction and improved aerodynamics to improve handling and economy which leaves the C Class coupe with agile handling and great abilities.

The car is set to arrive in the UK in December and, Mercedes claims, their C Class Coupe will set new standards for its segment.

The new Mercedes C Class Coupe

Indeed, the new Mercedes C Class Coupe is the sportiest version of the C Class line-up and manages to make itself distinct from its siblings.

While the design looks familiar there’s a new front-end featuring a diamond radiator grille and a longer bonnet.

Indeed, the C Class Coupe is 60 mm longer than the previous version and looks sportier in its characteristics, which is in part due to a car being lower than the saloon version.

Designers have brought in clean lines to give the car a distinctive style and it stands out while on the road.

However, inside the Mercedes C Class coupe it is as luxurious and comfortable as one would expect though the cabin has a very sporty feel.

Specially designed sports seats for the Mercedes C Class Coupe

Mercedes have also brought in specially designed sports seats for their Coupe to help improve comfort levels.

There’s also plenty of space on board, the car has also been widened as well as lengthened.

As should be expected, the Mercedes C Class coupe has lots of standard equipment and so specific design touches in the cabin for this model. There’s also a wide range of safety features including collision prevention assist.

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Under the bonnet, Mercedes are providing a range of efficient and powerful four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines that come with sporty performance and eco stop/start function.

As well as improving the driving pleasure, all of the engines are 27% more efficient than the ones they replace.

Initially, there’s only petrol engine available from launch which is a 1.6 litre unit which produces 156 HP and a 2.0 litre C200 which will produce 184 bhp.

There’s also a Mercedes C Class Coupe C 300 available which has a 2.0 litre unit and a power output of 245HP.

There are no hint of prices yet but the car will probably cost around £30,000.

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