The new Kia Sorento is unveiled

Kia Sorento

The new Kia Sorento. Click for hi-res image

This is the stylish all-new Kia Sorento which the firm says has a more mature and striking look.

The third generation of the Sorento is not only longer than the model it replaces, it is also wider and lower as part of a complete re-engineering and redesign project.

On board there’s more space for the occupants – this is going to be an impressive seven-seater – and there’s no doubt that the feel of the design and materials used is to give a premium feel to the entire car.

Kia’s designers say those in the very rear seats will notice the extra space more than the other occupants.

Improved space and styling for the new Kia Sorento

Fans of the Kia Sorento will see that the grill is more upright and has a ‘tiger nose’ and the headlamps have been redesigned.

Kia is also promising that its new Sorento will have improved handling and driving comfort in addition to the extra space and lots of new safety technologies.

For many people the design is an evolution of the current model and incorporates much of what Kia decided to show off with its concept car the Cross GT at last year’s Chicago car show.

High expectations for the Kia Sorento

The designers have taken on board input from design teams around the world – Korea, California and Frankfurt – so this will be another ‘world car’ with most models being sold in different markets being roughly similar.

The official unveiling will take place at the end of August and its European debut will be at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Potential UK buyers of the new Kia Sorento will have to wait until next Spring to get their hands on one and it should be competitor against its better-known rivals.

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There’s no indication of the engines to be used yet but the firm produces some excellent diesel units which will probably find their way underneath the bonnet, particularly the powerful 2.2litre diesel and engine and a hybrid unit.

Kia are also not divulging how much the new Sorento will cost but buyers should expect it to be from £28,000.

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