Hands Off, Ford gets approval – Fords BlueCruise

Fords BlueCruise – UK government ministers have approved Fords BlueCruise® “hands off, eyes on” technology for certain UK motorways.

The Technology is available on Fords flagship model Mustang Mach-E SUV; and can control steering acceleration and braking as well as the ability to monitor the drivers awareness.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman  said the UK was “at the forefront of innovation”; after the UK became the first European country to sign off on the technology.

Fords BlueCruise

Fords BlueCruise ® What is it?

Available on subscription Ford BlueCruise®  allows hands free driving; on specific sections of UK motorways, called “hands free blue zones,” available only in the UK.

Fords BlueCruise ® How does it work? 

BlueCruise combines with the intelligent adaptive cruise control and lane centring systems; allowing you to take your hands off the steering wheel while it maintains cruising speed and keeps you in your current lane. 

Fords BlueCruise ® is it Safe?

Infrared cameras monitor your eye gaze and head position to ensure that you’re paying due care and attention to the road ahead if the system finds that you’re not looking at the road; it will notify you either with an alert message displayed in the instrument cluster or by sounding an audible chime to remind you to return your eyes to the road.

 Tesla Experience

Anecdotal evidence suggests this type of technology benefits drivers who regularly traverse the British motorways. Tesla’s Auto pilot system assists drivers with the most burdensome parts of driving;although hands free is not available “Having an extra set of eyes watching out for you on  a busy motorway gets me to my destination feeling refreshed, “ said Andy Bell, CEO of FVL.

Ford have rigorously tested the BlueCruise® technology; for over 100,000 hours of on road testing, giving them confidence and consumer peace of mind.