Could you drive wearing a drunk suit? [Video]

A recent Ford experiment saw a driver put on a drunk suit and get behind the wheel. What’s a drunk suit? You may well ask that question with a vague flicker of interest but please pay attention now. It’s far less exciting than it sounds but there might or might not be a moral in this story for us…

I have to confess that when I read about the drunk suit I imagined the sort of ridiculous gear a chap might wear to a stag do. Of course, I knew that it would be topped off with a hat which has beer in it and a straw leading down to the owner’s mouth. I was wrong.

Then I had a flashback from the distant past. When I was a foolish kid I remember thinking that it would be a good idea to get people drunk and make them drive around in a bouncy, Mr Soft Softmints ad type of theme park, to let them see how badly drinking impairs their abilities.  I can’t quite remember now all of the details but what is clear is that someone from Ford has hacked into my brain and stolen this idea from it. If this is the case then the next thing you know underwater basketball and chocolate pasta will soon go public as well.

Actually, upon closer inspection the Ford idea is a lot more sensible than mine. Instead of pouring jugs of cold sangria down some mug’s throat they just got her to put on a suit which impaired her senses and her reactions. This involved weights, a neck brace and goggles. Sadly, flexible letterboxes and bendy parking meters weren’t part of the deal (I really hope someone else remembers that early 80s ad as well as I do).

So what does this teach us? Not a lot if we are being honest. However, any study which can help stop people from drinking and driving has got to be good. The next time you are tempted to drive after a few tipples just picture yourself getting a ridiculous drunk suit fitted to you, to make it more difficult to drive.

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