How should you react to bad drivers around you? [Videos]

It is a sad fact of life that the world is filled with bad drivers.  At various points of your driving career people will cut you up, tailgate you and generally do lots of silly things that make your blood boil.

So, how should be react to bad drivers? Would a warning honk of the horn or a gently shaken fist make us feel better and make the world a better place?

I have to confess that driving a lot in Spain and then in South America made me more of a hot-headed, reactive driver for a while. I would toot, I would verily shake my fist and sometimes I would mutter uncouth phrases.

Then one wonderful day I discovered a beautiful thing called karma. You see, karma is what takes care of the people who do bad things. You know the guy who cut you up at the roundabout across from the butcher’s last week? He probably got a flat tyre not long after. The kid who nearly made you swerve off the road just before the bridge? He probably got a bad outbreak of acne right after it.

Even more exciting is bad driving karma, when sometimes does something stupid and almost immediately pays the price. I came across this video lately and it made me laugh. The guy just looks like an utter buffoon.

This whetted my appetite for more bad driving karma and I found that it is more common on YouTube than you might think. This next video, for example, is brilliant. What a fool he must have felt as he came a self-inflicted cropper.

This final one is also quite funny, as the driver trying to cut in crashes his car.

What does all of this teach us? Personally, I now try and keep calm when I meet a bad driver on the road. I sing a soothing little song under my breath and will the other drivers to go about their business and earn whatever driving karma is coming their way.

  • What do you do when you come across a bad driver?

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