Choose Your Favourite Villain Car of All Time

There is nothing quite like a fantastic baddie and his vehicle is there? From the days when I would watch enthralled as my favourite cartoon characters dodged the baddies to the latest James Bond car chases, they have been some wonderful villain cars to choose from.

The Ford Taurus Driven By Jaws

I used to love those over the top car chases in Bond movies, like the one where his car goes through a narrow alley on two wheels and appears at the other end on the opposite two wheels. Fruit, vegetables and empty cardboard boxes were never a barrier to 007 but Jaws nearly ended him in The Spy Who Loved Me while driving a Ford Taurus with his crew of henchmen. Thankfully, our hero sprayed their windscreen with paint and the car fell off the edge off a mountain and into a barn.

The Black Charger from Bullitt

Do you remember this rather terrifying car? Bullitt is said to include the best car chase in the history of the movies and this vehicle played a big part in the excitement of the film.

Dick Dastardly’s The Mean Machine

Dick Dastardly was my hero. There, I’ve gone and said it. What that means, of course, is that I will surely go to Hell. Dastardly was a loathsome fiend and all round bad egg with an intensely annoying dog. Had he concentrated more on racing performance than in laying ridiculous traps he might well have won a race now and then. Now that I think about it, his car was really rather rubbish.


Good lord. I can only vaguely remember watching this film with my Dad and a packet of Opal Fruits but it scared the living daylights out of me. The car wasn’t a baddie vehicle in this film. It was the baddie. Never has a Plymouth Fury seemed so terrifying.

What villain cars should be added to the list?

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