Volkswagen T-Roc Lease Deals

Looking to lease a Volkswagen T-ROC Hatchback or convertible? With First Vehicle Leasing, leasing a Volkswagen T-ROC is an economical way to drive a brand-new car without having to pay the full purchase price. Compare our affordable Volkswagen T-ROC lease deals below to find the best T-ROC lease deals for your budget.

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Volkswagen T-ROC Review

Which Volkswagen (VW) T-Roc is Ideal for You?

Introducing the Volkswagen T-ROC hatchback and T-ROC cabriolet or convertible. This vehicle is more comfortable to drive than most, boasting an elevated driving position and a large boot to boost its attraction. These small SUVs come as either petrol or diesel units and feature plenty of standard equipment to make driving that much more seamless. This includes:

  • 8-inch colour touchscreen
  • VW's Composition Media infotainment system
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Safety kit
  • Climate control
  • Adaptive cruise control

With multiple trim levels and add-on features to choose from, the compact crossover T-ROC car lease makes the perfect family SUV. The Volkswagen T-ROC offers impressive handling around the city and is a great car to drive over longer distances for a well-deserved family holiday. A VW T-ROC also offers reduced running costs in terms of fuel efficiency.

View our VW T-ROC leasing deals below to choose which features and trim levels best suit your budget and requirements.

Disclaimer: Please note that the specifications listed below for VW T-ROC lease deals in the UK were correct at the time of writing. Specs should always be checked before agreeing to our T-ROC leasing deals.

Volkswagen T-ROC Life

This VW-T-ROC trim is the entry-level option in the range. It has a lot to offer if you’re seeking a blend of style, smooth performance, and cutting-edge technology. This is a great option for those on a budget who are looking to get the most value for their money. You have the option of automatic or manual petrol engines or manual diesel engines. In terms of the drivetrain, these VW T-ROC deals come with front-wheel drive. 


  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • LED headlights
  • 8-inch colour touchscreen
  • Park Assist
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • Rain-sensing wipers

Volkswagen T-ROC R

In the market for T-ROC R lease deals? This sporty T-ROC lease car comes equipped with diesel power or petrol, with four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive options. This car leasing option is distinguished by the illuminated radiator grille with the R logo accompanied by exposed dual chrome exhaust tailpipes. 

With potent engine performance and dazzling aesthetics, the VW T-ROC R lease is the perfect blend of style and practicality.


  • 9.2-inch display screen
  • Side, lane assist and parallel park assistant
  • Sports seats
  • Decorative dashboard stitching
  • Multi-function sports steering
  • 300-watt beat premium audio system

Volkswagen T-ROC R-Line

This VW T-ROC lease deal offers quality design details in the exterior and interior with R-Line design body-coloured bumpers. This trim is distinguished by R-Line design elements and unique features that give it a sporty and attractive aesthetic. 

This Volkswagen T-ROC contract hire vehicle is perfect for those who are looking for a nippy and sporty ride around the city. With stiffer sports suspension and 18-inch wheels with low-profile tyres, you’re in for a fun ride. Plus, these wheels handle speed bumps better than the Audi Q2.


  • Sports suspension
  • 18-inch Nevada alloy wheels
  • Progressive steering
  • Privacy glass
  • Auto LED performance headlights
  • Interior ambient lighting and surround lighting

Volkswagen T-ROC Style

As the name suggests, this VW T-ROC car leasing option is all about style and aesthetics. You’ll enjoy upgraded seats, larger wheels, enhanced digital displays, and built-in sat-nav. This small SUV is perfect for those who appreciate smart styling and practicality. This Volkswagen T-ROC leasing option comes in petrol or diesel with front and four-wheel drivetrains.


  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Separate LED daytime running lights
  • 10-inch digital driver’s display
  • Satellite navigation
  • Front comfort sports seats
  • Interior instrument lighting

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How Does Leasing a Volkswagen T-ROC Work?


Start by browsing our latest in-stock VW T-ROC lease offers to see what car leasing deals work for you based on availability.


Learn about the 2023 Volkswagen T-ROC Hatchback or convertible range with car expert Steve Lumley. See pricing and specs and compare trims.


Select the duration of your contract term, the annual mileage, and any additional add-ons you would like to include in your monthly rental price.



  • A new Volkswagen T-ROC lease deal lets you avoid depreciation risk.
  • You won't have to worry about a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test until your new T-ROC takes its 3rd birthday.
  • You'll enjoy the benefits of a manufacturer's warranty included in the monthly price of your rental.
  • Leasing the Volkswagen T-ROC is a great choice, as it enables you to access low prices and helps you plan your monthly budget.


  • To lease a VW T-ROC, you'll need to have a decent credit rating to be accepted.
  • You'll lease your new T-ROC and return it at the end of your agreement.
  • If owning a car at the end of your contract length is important to you, other VW T-ROC finance options may be more suitable.

Choosing Your Volkswagen T-ROC Lease Deal

Volkswagen make a great range of stylish and innovative cars, and the Volkswagen T-ROC is no exception! With flexible mileage options to suit your needs, our affordable Volkswagen T-ROC lease deals are designed to help you keep your budget in check.

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Leasing a Volkswagen T-ROC with FVL

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VW T-ROC Lease Deals - FAQs

Whether you’re considering leasing a VW T-ROC hatchback or cabriolet, you’ll likely have some questions. We’ve answered some common questions about leasing a T ROC Volkswagen below.

  • What is the difference between the Volkswagen T-ROC hatchback and the convertible?

    The key difference between the Volkswagen T-ROC hatchback and the T-ROC convertible lease is the retractable roof found with the T-ROC convertible. If you’re looking for a more practical day-to-day car, the Volkswagen T-ROC hatchback may be a better choice. Conversely, the convertible or cabriolet option may be better suited to those looking for added class and performance. 

  • Do you cover insurance on my lease of a T-ROC?

    No, we do not cover insurance. You are responsible for insuring your car under a fully comprehensive, all risks policy.

  • Should I lease or acquire a Volkswagen T-ROC through finance?

    When you lease a Volkswagen T-Roc, you don’t need to worry about depreciation. Plus, you can drive a brand-new car. Provided you aren’t worried about owning the vehicle and are happy with the initial rental price, leasing cars is a more economical choice than VW T-ROC finance deals. 

  • Do Volkswagen T-ROC lease deals in the UK offer electric vehicles?

    Currently, there is no T-ROC lease in stock worldwide that is electric. However, this may be an option in the future.