2024 BMW IX Review, Specs & Performance

BMW iX: Tomorrow’s SUV Today

In a world rapidly shifting towards electrification, BMW’s iX is both a proclamation of intent and a beacon of innovation. This spacious electric car is designed to impress and engineered to perform. Effortlessly blending style, comfort and capability.

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Overview of the BMW IX

The BMW iX is more than just an SUV. It represents the future of driving with its stunning design and exceptional electric driving range and performance. It combines BMW's impressive engineering expertise with a vision for what's to come. At first we were awestruck by it's sheer ugliness. But now the looks have grown on us, and not just a little. We have no idea why. But here's what we do know. This is one very very capable all electric SUV.


BMW IX in a nutshell

Well it's unusal looking, and it's a large (and not entirley cheap) electric SUV. So who is the BMW IX for? The BMW iX is crafted for the forward-thinkers, those who place a premium on cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and avant-garde design. It's an ideal choice for the modern professional or family who values environmental responsibility without compromising on luxury, performance, or innovation. Furthermore, with its impressive electric range, it caters to both city dwellers and those who embark on longer journeys, seeking the thrill of the open road.


BMW IX - Engines & Performance

BMW’s iX introduces the xDrive 40 as its entry-level offering. Underneath its sculpted bonnet lies a decent 77kWh battery, promising drivers an enviable range of 249 miles.

Equipped with dual electric motors, it churns out 326hp and boasts an impressive 0 to 62 mph sprint time of just 6.1 seconds. However, the iX xDrive 50 presents a staggering 111kWh battery for those craving even more power and range. This unlocks a range of up to 380 miles. With 500hp at the disposal of your right foot, this variant trims the sprint time to under five seconds.

Jul 23 Addition - BMW have now added the M60 model to the IX range. We must say that mixing a giant EV with some serious M Power provides a heady combo. For those needing the ultimate performance, the IX M60 offers a thumping 619ps from its twin electric motors; this electric behemoth will hit 60mph in under four seconds. It will use the same 111kWh battery and can offer up to 347 miles of range from a single charge.

The iX charges at home overnight and can recharge 80% of its battery in under 40 minutes from a fast charger. The bigger 111kWh battery could take up to 16 hours from a 7 kW home charger, which is truly something.

BMW IX - Equipment & Handling

The iX stands tall, poised to compete with formidable names like the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi E-Tron. Its exterior design, an orchestra of creases and sharp lines, will turn heads.

Meanwhile, 22-inch alloys and a cutting-edge suspension system allow it to glide over rugged terrains gracefully. Inside, the BMW iX showcases its futuristic aspirations. Gone are the myriad of buttons. Replaced by a new curved display, it combines a 12.3-inch digital instrument display with a 14.9-inch media screen, forming a singular glass unit.

The updated iDrive system is 20 times more potent than its predecessor, now in its eighth rendition. Gesture and voice controls and semi-autonomous driving tech amplify the driving experience. Integrated 5G tech ensures the iX is always connected, making it more than just a vehicle; it’s a mobile information hub. 

Responsibly sourced materials adorn the interior, with touches like floor mats crafted from recycled fishing nets. The 500-litre boot, however, is disappointing. You would expect 600 litres plus for a vehicle this size, like the smaller Jaguar I-Pace with 577 litres. The Audi Q8 E-tron has 569 litres of boot capacity.

Its interior dimensions mimic the BMW X5 but exclusively offer a five-seat configuration. A flat floor design increases legroom, emphasizing spaciousness and comfort. A slew of safety equipment, all controlled by sensors and radars, further pushes the envelope, enabling the iX to handle acceleration, steering, and braking as situations demand.

Unique design choices, like the hexagonal steering wheel and plush seats, make it distinctively BMW.

July 23 Addition - The new range-topping M60 also adds adaptive air suspension, active steering, an uprated Bowers & Wilkins audio system, and BMW Laser Lights into an impressive kit list.


BMW’s iX emerges as a trailblazer, signalling a new era for the automaker.

Its audacious design might polarise some, but its electric prowess is undeniable. Boasting an impressive range, scintillating performance, and a suite of future-forward features, it encapsulates what the future of driving looks like.


  • Industry-leading electric range.
  • Dynamic performance across all models.
  • Spacious and space-age interior.
  • Advanced tech features and safety systems.


  • The bold design might not appeal to all.
  • Available as a five-seat configuration only.
  • The size might be too large for urban environments.
  • High-end tech might have a learning curve for some.