How to perform a U-turn in the back of a van [Video]

How many times have you seen the open cargo space in a big van and thought to yourself, “I would love to drive in there and do a u-turn”?

If we are being brutally honest this has probably never occurred to you. That because you don’t drive a Peel P50. The fact you’re not a blooming nutcase probably has something to do with it as well.

This video manages to quite brilliantly showcase the tiny size of the world’s smallest production car and the cavernous interior of the new Ford Transit van at the same time. If you have never seen a Peel P50 before then you will be amazed at how itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny it is. It was initially produced back in the 1960s and has recently been brought back from the grave.  On the other hand, the 2015 Transit van is a beast with a huge cargo area.

Silly but riveting

Anyway, the video starts out with our hero driving blithely into the back of the van. It looks like a recipe for disaster as there is no way he can do a u-turn in there. Aha! The driver of the tiny Peel inches back and forward in an attempt to drive back out again. It all looks incredibly silly but strangely riveting at the same time.

In fact, it looks a lot like the time I got stuck up a narrow alley and spent about 15 minutes doing the world’s most cumbersome 150 point turn. I’d like to give a belated thanks to all the passersby who stopped to gawk at me that day.

The driver of the P50 manages to turn a little quicker than that, though. In less than a couple of minutes he is facing out into the world again and ready to trundle around hilariously again. Hooray!

  • What’s the trickiest driving move you’ve ever completed?

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