Are pet names for cars more common than you think?

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Do you have a secret you don’t want the world to find out about? Maybe you love your car so much that you go over to it and hug it and talk to it sometimes.

That’s not so bad, is it? Ahh, but what if you have a secret pet name for your vehicle? You do realise that this isn’t normal behaviour, don’t you? Actually, maybe it isn’t all that strange after all…

A recent survey revealed that more people use pet names for their cars than you might think. In fact, when 2,000 car owners were asked about the subject 1 in 5 of them admitted to giving their car a name.

Lots of Bs

In a strange twist, most of the popular names begin with the letter B. The top position with 4% was a tie between Baby and Betsy. Really? Who calls their car Baby? Or Betsy, for that matter? Things didn’t get much better after this, with Bessie claiming 3% of the vote and Black Beauty getting 2%.  Around 25% of the names given begin with the letter B for some reason. I certainly called mine a name starting with B when it wouldn’t start last winter.

The next point to consider is whether more men or more women give pet names to their vehicles. My gut reaction is that the chaps are more liable to give their sweet little runaround a pretty name. Am I right? Surprisingly, my instinct let me down again. 23% of the girls give their car a pet name, compared to 18% of the boys.

It also seems that the older we get the less likely we are to name our cars. If you are under the age of 35 then you are twice as likely to look at your vehicle and think, “Hmm, I just need to work out if she’s a Betsy or a Baby”.

Does your car have a name? Or do you have a friend who has an amusing name for their car? Now is the time to spill the beans… add a comment below!



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