Olympic Paced Traffic?

If there is one place you want to stay away from these days it is London. Unless you have a ticket to see some events or are a top class medal prospect, of course.

The Olympics are starting soon and traffic chaos is widely predicted. However, I have been wondering whether this is really going to be the case.

I lived in London for a few months and the one abiding memory I have is of it being so big that I never knew what was happening on the other side of it. I would get home, switch on the telly and see reports of 3 million students marching down the streets or of mass rioting going on and I would think, “Funny, I never noticed anything out of the ordinary today”.

This being the case, shouldn’t it be pretty easy to avoid the millions of Olympic visitors and the Olympic Games lane?

Chaos in the Capital

The start of use of this new Olympic lane happened on the same day as a big accident on the M4, so people are already rubbing their hands together and taking about chaos in the capital. To be fair, the M4 queue stretched back over 30 miles at one point.

The new lane is said to be confusing a lot of drivers as well and I would give you the piece of advice I always stick to; stay as far away as possible. I prefer to take the long road and avoid any nasty surprises than risk running into mayhem, big queues and mildly confusing traffic signs.

The total amount of Olympic Games lanes runs up to about 30 miles and if you use it in your non Olympic car or bike you will get slapped with a £130 fine. This lane will be in use until the end of September, when the Paralympics Games will also be finished.

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