LEVC TX Access offers full wheelchair accessibility

LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has unveiled its latest innovation, the TX Access, a game-changing addition to the iconic black cab fleet.

Building on the success of the renowned TX model, this revolutionary vehicle sets a new benchmark in inclusive transport to include diverse markets such as education and healthcare.

The TX Access leverages the class-leading interior space of the TX with room for six passengers and now adds full wheelchair accessibility.

Discover the ground breaking LEVC TX Access, a revolutionary addition to the iconic black London cab fleet. Redefining accessibility standards, this is an impressive vehicle.

Standout features of the TX Access car lease

One of the standout features of the TX Access car lease is its access ramp, ingeniously designed to fold seamlessly away into the vehicle’s floorspace.

This innovative solution ensures quick deployment and optimal adjustability, facilitating effortless boarding and disembarking for wheelchair users.

Inside the TX Access, passengers will experience a level of comfort and convenience with smooth rotation of a wheelchair, so it faces forward.

There’s also a full restraint system that keeps wheelchair users seated securely for their journey, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

Reduces the risk of accidents

A slip-resistant material covers the flat floor to help enhance stability and reduce the risk of accidents.

The TX Access also incorporates a pioneering swivel seat that can be used outside the vehicle.

This is a cutting-edge feature that revolutionises ease of access, removing barriers and empowering wheelchair users to board the vehicle with confidence.

Moreover, the vehicle boasts a spacious door aperture designed specifically to facilitate smooth entry for wheelchair users.

The design of the LEVC TX Access lease

Safety and visibility are also paramount in the design of the LEVC TX Access lease with optional contrasting high visibility grab handles and seat edges to ensure passengers can navigate the vehicle with ease.

LEVC has also equipped the TX Access with a range of communication choices, including braille embossed controls, a hearing induction loop and a microphone system.

These advanced features help to boost contact between the driver and passengers and enhance the overall passenger experience.

There’s no doubt that the contract hire LEVC TX Access is paving the way for a more accessible future for lots of potential users with a well made and impressive offering.