New Volkswagen ID.7 takes a bow

The contract hire Volkswagen ID.7 is the carmaker’s first global electric vehicle with a range of 700 kilometres (WLTP), a superior powertrain, premium tech and a spacious interior.

It is, VW says, an ‘ideal fit’ for long-distance travel and will be available later this year.

The ID.7 is nearly five metres long and will come equipped with an enhanced customer-focused technology and a high-quality finish.

The contract hire Volkswagen ID.7 is the firm’s first global electric model. With a range of 435 miles, it’s a perfect fit for long-distance travel.

The ID.7 car lease

Powered by a completely new and efficient drive generation that produces 286 PS, the ID.7 car lease offers an electric motor with the highest torque in any ID. model – and it is the most powerful.

The optimised electric drive delivers the energy consumption to make the ID.7 an attractive proposition for leasing, though there are no figures yet on just how effective it is.

Volkswagen is also introducing a new operating system and display functions in the ID.7.

The company says it is responding to customer feedback and has improved the infotainment system’s ease of use for drivers.

The car comes equipped with a 15-inch display, a head-up display with ‘augmented reality’ and the air conditioning system is also new.

Equipment options usually in higher segments

Volkswagen says that its ID.7 also offers equipment options that are only usually available in higher segments, such as an electronically panoramic sunroof that is dimmable and massage seats.

The new sunroof has smart glass that can be switched between transparent and opaque settings by touch control. As with many of the car’s other functions, the roof can also be operated by voice commands, using the new voice assistant.

Volkswagen’s push towards electrification

The launch of the ID.7 is part of Volkswagen’s push towards electrification, with the company planning to develop 70 electric models by 2030.

The company aims to produce one million fully electric vehicles by 2025.

The ID.7, VW says, will contribute significantly towards this goal and it’s a big car with a lot of technology that will attract more drivers to make the switch to EVs.